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Photo Album

Here are some photos captured by the webcam.
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sunny3 Sunny day
clouds89 Sharp mountains
darkmtns1 Dark backdrop
frontlit2 Sun below cloud
sunset Before sunset
medctr3 Almost dark

rainbow33 Bright rainbow
rainbow Mountain rainbow
rainbow2 Shallow rainbow
rainbow19 Double rainbow
dustdvl2 Dust devil
snow2007c Snow!

clouds67 Parade of clouds
clouds2 Popcorn clouds
clouds87 Low clouds
flat Flat clouds
cloudrip Torn clouds
funnel Not a funnel

gloomy Imminent storm
raincol Rain column
stormne Big storm
storm5 Mountain storm
lowcloud Low cloud
raindrops4 Rain on window

stormdark Very dark storm
lightning110 Day lightning
bolt1 Night lightning
lightning111 Multiple strokes
lightning18 Backlit clouds
lightning28 Mountain profile

birds20 Bird landing
dawn Pink dawn
purple Purple dawn
dusk Orange dusk
sunset23 Mountains at sunset
snow2008b Sunset with snow

banner Aerial advertising
fishblimp Soaring Dreams
crane Crane at work
wwash06 Washing the window
copter5 Police helicopter

steam6 Steam plume
louies Kitchen fire
mtnfire Rattlesnake fire
bullfire Bullock fire

sumrhavn Aspen fire
aspensmoke Smoke plume
aspenplume Fire in canyon
aspennight Fire at night

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