The University of Arizona


Common Questions

coverage map

What part of Tucson is seen?

The camera view shows the western part of the Catalina Mountains; the foothills west of Craycroft; and the campus west and north of Old Main.
See a detailed map.

bright starburst

What's that glare?

An abandoned solar dish on the Civil Engineering building reflects the sun. solar dish

billowing white smoke

Is that a fire?

No, that's water vapor from the refrigeration plant on Helen Street. building

blackness with a few white specks

Why can't I see anything at night?

The camera is not sensitive enough to take decent nighttime images when its iris is adjusted for good daytime images. Longer exposures just create a frame full of noise. The building's deeply tinted windows don't help.

view obscured by pillar

Can you make a change...

  • to aim the camera further east?
  • to aim the camera further west?
  • to add humidity, wind speed, etc.?
  • to better advertise the department?

I like it the way it is now.

lightning bolt

Did you see this neat photo?

No, I didn't; thanks for pointing that out. With several hundred images collected every day, it's easy to miss a notable lucky shot. (The best are shown on the album page.)

The Computer Science webcam is run by the .