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Video Vault

These time-lapse movies were produced from sequences of webcam images.
All are in MPEG format.

06/12/2020 NOTE: We are currently experiencing some issues with the video creation software. Currently there is increased demand to view the Bighorn Fire, so we have manually created videos of the last 2 days. These files are linked below.

06-10-2020 Video | 06-11-2020 Video

Current Movies

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Past Highlights

Links indicate file sizes in megabytes. Some movies are avilable in multiple versions.

11-Apr-2009 3M10M A dozen distinct storms shower the foothills.
14-Mar-2009 3M9M Several brief rain showers try to reach the ground.
10-Feb-2009 3M9M An overnight dusting of snow melts from the mountains.
23-Jan-2009 3M8M Stormy, then clearing, with a surprise at the end.
26-Dec-2008 3M8M Winter storms move through and drench the foothills.
14-Dec-2008 3M8M Locally clear with distant rains under a low ceiling.
28-Nov-2008 3M8M Low fog gives way to indecisive cloud movement.
27-Nov-2008 3M8M A rainy Thanksgiving day with scattered mid-day sun.
26-Nov-2008 3M8M Gentle winter rains bracket a day of racing clouds.
10-Nov-2008 3M9M A dusty sky clears to reveal mountains behind.
09-Nov-2008 3M9M Winds bring dust to the sky.
17-Oct-2008 2M A small fire burns briefly in Ventana Canyon.
26-Sep-2008 3M10M Storms sweep back and forth across the foothills.
26-Aug-2008 3M10M Tropical storm Julio brings good cloud action and rain.
06-Jul-2008 4M11M Clouds form and dance in complex patterns.
26-Jun-2008 11M The first chubasco of 2008 (monsoon storm) arrives.
27-Apr-2008 4M11M Several helicopters are captured in flight.
17-Mar-2008 3M9M Morning storms finally clear, leaving sunny skies.
16-Mar-2008 3M9M Clouds and sun alternate with traveling storms.
15-Mar-2008 3M9M Broken clouds animate mountain shadows.
15-Feb-2008 3M9M Turbulent clouds occasionally reveal snow-capped mountains.
04-Feb-2008 3M9M A storm brings rainbows and mountain snow.
08-Jan-2008 3M8M Distant fog moves as the wind shifts.
12-Dec-2007 3M8M Heavy fog rolls through, obscuring snow-capped peaks.
11-Dec-2007 3M8M A stormy day with rainbows and glimpses of snow.
22-Oct-2007 3M9M A very windy day, with gusts to 58mph.
24-Sep-2007 3M An advertising plane circles the campus.
06-Sep-2007 3M10M Remnants of Henriette produce an unusual morning storm.
05-Sep-2007 3M10M Hurricane Henriette brings heavy rain to the foothills.
10-Aug-2007 4M11M A severe foothills storm drops heavy rain and 0.75" hail.
31-Jul-2007 4M11M A storm brings 1.4" of rain and momentary darkness.
28-Jul-2007 4M11M Two heavy storms pass through.
24-Jul-2007 4M11M A complex dance of clouds precedes a distant storm.
23-Jul-2007 4M11M A mountain storm suddenly attacks the webcam.
11-Jun-2007 4M11M Cloudy, then clearing, then a storm in the mountains.
18-Feb-2007 3M9M Waves of clouds roll northward across campus.
22-Jan-2007 3M8M Morning reveals snow on rooftops and mountains.
19-Jan-2007 3M8M Clouds build repeatedly on multiple levels.
28-Dec-2006 3M8M A mountain storm shows glimpses of snow.
04-Dec-2006 2M Painters refresh the roof of the Douglass building.
03-Dec-2006 3M8M Strong winds from the east shake the trees.
30-Nov-2006 3M8M Input used in Factored Time-Lapse Video research.
29-Nov-2006 3M8M Winds from the west blow clouds and then dust.
27-Jul-2006 4M11M Clouds form and move in multiple layers.
19-Jul-2006 4M11M The sky is a pot full of boiling clouds.
07-Jul-2006 4M11M Sun, clouds, and a monsoon storm.
01-Jul-2006 4M11M Clouds bring a storm with dust and lightning.
02-Jun-2006 4M11M Dust clouds race up and down the dry Rillito River
24-May-2006 1M The window is washed.
25-Apr-2006 4M11M A staccato series of small clouds passes by.
12-Apr-2006 1M The Soaring Dreams blimp passes by.
05-Apr-2006 3M10M Clouds race by on a windy day.
12-Mar-2006 3M10M A dusting of snow melts from the mountains.
01-Oct-2005 4M Moving clouds suddenly stop and pile up.
09-Sep-2005 2M A storm sweeps through the Catalina foothills.
11-Mar-2005 2M From nothing, a large cloud builds and dissipates.
09-Nov-2004 1M A hot-air balloon passes by.
29-Oct-2004 3M As the sun rises, a thick fog hides the campus.
04-Jun-2004 2M16M Dust hides the mountains, then clears away.
18-Aug-2003 2M15M Clouds bubble and churn to make a storm.
06-Jul-2003 2M16M Fire approaches through Esperero Canyon.
04-Jul-2003 2M16M Dark smoke flows across the Tucson sky.
19-Jun-2003 2M16M The Aspen Fire burns Summerhaven on Mount Lemmon.
01-Jun-2002 1M The Bullock Fire flares up on Mount Lemmon.
24-Feb-2002 1M A procession of unusual clouds moves by.
19-Nov-2001 1M A tree is shorn, and cirrus clouds move lazily.
13-Sep-2001 1M Clouds whirl as workers service rooftop equipment.
04-Aug-2001 1M A mountain storm shows some lightning flashes.
30-Jul-2001 1M A crane installs equipment in the auditorium.
26-Apr-2001 1M Several different kinds of clouds move through.
17-Sep-2000 1M Wispy clouds form and dissolve.
21-Jul-2000 1M Gray panels are hung on the new Union building.
22-Jun-2000 1M Storms move through town and splash the window.
07-Jun-2000 1M The Rattlesnake Canyon fire flares up.
03-Apr-2000 1M Cranes, balloons, and a flag wave.
08-Mar-2000 1M Snow melts from the mountain tops.
07-Mar-2000 1M A storm leaves a blanket of snow on the mountains.

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