Colloquium Speaker

Dr. Anshuman Razdan
Research At PRISM
Date: Tuesday, January 18, 2005
Time: 11:00AM
Place: Gould-Simpson, Room 701
Refreshments will be served in the 7th floor lobby of Gould-Simpson at 10:45 AM


First, an overview of various research projects at PRISM (Partnership for Research In Spatial Modeling) at ASU will be presented. Many of the research projects involve interdisciplinary components such as Anthropology, geologists, etc. Next, Decision Theatre, a new $5M immersive visualization facility will be introduced. The second half of the talk will focus on curve matching. A method for identifying a partial match for twice differentiable curves will be presented. The method uses equal arc-length interval correspondences when comparing points on one curve to another. We use the square of difference in curvatures at each point to compare two curves, and find it to be fast enough for querying a large database of curves. The concept is extended for scale invariant curve matching using the concept of normalized sum curvature.