Colloquium Speaker

Manuvir Das, Center for Software Excellence,
Microsoft Corporation
Software Excellence via Program Analysis at Microsoft
Date: Thursday, October 6, 2005
Time: 11:00AM
Place: Gould-Simpson, Room 906
Refreshments will be served in the 9th floor atrium of Gould-Simpson at 10:45 AM


The Windows division of Microsoft Corporation is in the midst of a massive effort to improve the security and reliability of the next release of the product - Windows Vista. In this talk, I will explain how the Center for Software Excellence at Microsoft has used program analysis technology to build the tools that enable this effort. Along the way, I will cover the current Windows engineering process and the role of the tools in the process, the core program analysis techniques we have invented and used in the tools, business and environment issues that govern the engineering process, and research directions suggested by our experience so far.

Manuvir Das leads the Program Analysis research group in the Center for Software Excellence at Microsoft Corporation, and is an affiliate faculty member at the University of Washington. His research interests are in applying techniques from Programming Languages, Compilers, and Systems to the software engineering process. Manuvir holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from IIT Bombay, and a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.