Colloquium Speaker

Prof. Eytan Modiano, MIT, Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems
Cross-layer Control in Wireless Networks with QoS Constraints
Date: Thursday, December 8, 2005
Time: 11:00AM
Place: Gould-Simpson, Room 906
Refreshments will be served in the 9th floor atrium of Gould-Simpson at 10:45 AM


In this talk we will describe algorithms for resource allocation in wireless networks that attempt to optimize network performance across multiple layers of the protocol stack. In the first part of the talk we will consider the joint problem of flow control, routing, and scheduling in a wireless network subject to Quality of Service requirements. In particular, we will describe a dynamic control strategy that maximizes the sum utility in the network; and can be used to achieve a wide range of service objectives. In the second part, we consider a wireless transmitter whose data rate can be controlled by varying the transmission power. For such a system we will describe optimal transmission policies that satisfy Quality of Service (QoS) constraints and also minimize the total transmission energy expenditure.

Eytan Modiano received his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Connecticut at Storrs in 1986 and his M.S. and PhD degrees, both in Electrical Engineering, from the University of Maryland, College Park, MD, in 1989 and 1992 respectively. He was a Naval Research Laboratory Fellow between 1987 and 1992 and a National Research Council Post Doctoral Fellow during 1992-1993. Between 1993 and 1999 he was with MIT Lincoln Laboratory where he was the project leader for MIT Lincoln Laboratory's Next Generation Internet (NGI) project. Since 1999 he has been an Associate Professor in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS) at MIT. His research is on communication networks and protocols with emphasis on satellite, wireless, and optical networks.

He is currently an Associate Editor for Communication Networks for IEEE Transactions on Information Theory and for The International Journal of Satellite Communications. He had served as a guest editor for IEEE JSAC special issue on WDM network architectures; the Computer Networks Journal special issue on Broadband Internet Access; the Journal of Communications and Networks special issue on Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks; and for IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology special issue on Optical Networks. He is the Technical Program co-chair for Wiopt 2006 and Infocom 2007.