Colloquium Speaker

Speaker:Robert Biddle
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Topic:Tool Support for Software Reuse
Date:Tuesday, January 19, 1999
Time:9:30 am
Place:Gould-Simpson, 701

Refreshments will be served in the 7th-floor lobby of Gould-Simpson at 9:15 am


Despite widespread experience with computer programming, development of software is still difficult, time consuming, and prone to costly errors. One strategy for improving this situation is software reuse, which involves using previously developed software to create new software. However, current programming environments do not adequately support software reuse. We believe that environments can do much more than merely allow copying of existing code, and could involve facilities to provide direct assistance for reuse in many steps of the development process. This seminar will outline our ideas for exploring this topic, and relate our experience in developing some prototype support tools.