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Computer Account Assignment

All students currently enrolled in CS courses receive accounts on the department's instructional computing systems. Students enrolled in any CS course will receive an account on Lectura (the department's centralized Unix timesharing server) and the instructional Linux systems (located in GS 228 and GS 930). Other instructional accounts may be made available as per specific request of the course instructor.

All formally admitted CS majors will receive continuing (not disabled at end of each semester) Lectura and Linux accounts for the duration of their stay in the program.

Accounts for non-majors are disabled each semester when finals period ends and are permanently deleted at the beginning of the next semester.

CS Faculty, Research Assistants and Research Staff will have accounts generated for them on department designated Research machines on a per request basis. Home directories will remain on one of our centralized file servers.

CS alumni (degree holders from our program) will lose their accounts on our timesharing systems and their CS email accounts. However, we offer an email address to be used as a forwarder.

Lab support systems do not have user accounts.

Individually-assigned systems may be used by others with the permission of the owner. (This is not to imply that other users may not share compute cycles on your workstation through software such as Condor.)

Individually-assigned systems are primarily desktop workstations located in individual staff and faculty offices. Work on these systems must be carefully controlled and monitored. Physical access to these systems by other than the workstation assignee is not usually possible. Users with login permission via NIS should coordinate with the workstation's owner before running any processes.

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