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CS File Storage and Quotas

Primary file storage is provided by home directories that reside on the SunFire X4500 file server zuni. The SunFire X4500 file server has many redundancies built in and has proven itself to be dependable with little downtime. Additionally, there are features built in that allow users to undelete files (See: File Restore Using the Snapshot Utility ). The Lab staff also makes monthly backups of your home directories and stores them elsewhere in case of a major disaster.

The default disk quota for student account home directories on zuni and on the isilon file server is 5 GB. In addition, CVS (special project) space has a quota of 20MB. For CS Majors and graduate students, space is available on CS web servers with quotas of 10MB (www) and 2MB (cgi).

If you need more disk space, contact your faculty sponsor who can send email to lab explaining how much more you need and for how long you will need it (usually only for the duration of the project or coursework you are undertaking). Resource increases are never issued for longer than a year at a time.

Last updated April 14, 2017, by John Luiten
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