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Departmental Printing


The Department of Computer Science is one of the few departments on campus to provide their students with free printing resources. Use of the Department's printers is monitored on a daily basis. Excessive and unwarranted printing will result in a warning email and possible restriction of future printing privileges.

Department printers are to be used for the sole purpose of completing course related assignments. Work on private correspondence, coursework for non-CSc classes, or flyers is strictly prohibited!  Students found to be printing unauthorized work may have their printing privileges suspended.  Depending on the severity of the abuse, the student could lose access to the labs or have their account suspended.

Devices and Locations

Printing within the Department is highly decentralized. Most offices and labs are equipped with their own printing devices. Although it may be possible for an individual to spool to any number of printers on our network, only the following printers are designated for public use: lw0, lw7, lw11, lw12, lw13, lw14, lw22, lw23, lw26, and lw27.

Queue Location Type





















HP CP4025

HP P4014DN

HP P4014DN

HP 4050N

HP 4050N

HP P4014DN

Brother HL-5250DN

HP 2200D

HP P4014DN

HP P4014DN

Some offices have individual printers connected directly to faculty and staff workstations. Support for these printers (as well as other non-ethernetted printers) is limited.

What are the default printers in labs under Ubuntu Linux?

There are two printers in each of the student labs, lw13 & lw23 in GS228, and lw7 & lw27 in GS930. In GS930, the default printer is lw27. In GS228, the default printer is lw23. To change the default printer, go to

System > Administration > Printing

The system wide default printer on that machine is noted with a check mark. To change your personal default printer, right click on the icon for the printer you want to make default, and click "Set as default" (the fourth choice in the second section from the top). A menu asking 'Do you want to set this as the system wide default printer?' will come up. Click on 'Set as my personal default printer'. Click OK. That printer will then be noted with a star.

Hung printers

On the Linux systems:

Most public access printers driven by the system (ibis).

These printers are resettable via a web interface.


Paper Saving suggestions:

Paper and toner are our largest costs with regard to printing. Since most printing constitutes rough draft rather than finished product, a little thought and consideration will go a long way towards reducing our overall printing expenses.

Duplex printing:

Persons with newer printers (lw0, lw7, lw13, lw23, lw27) can use the double sided print option by simply directing their print jobs to the duplex (e.g. lw#d) print queue. If the double sided job results in an upside-down reverse page then this can be corrected by using the duplex-tumble(e.g. lw#dt) print queue.

lpr -Plw0d file
enscript -2r -dlw0dt file

Two-up printing:

Other savings come from printing (ASCII files, not PostScript) two or more pages per side of paper. For example, on Unix systems the command:

enscript -2r -Plw0 file
enscript -2r -dlw0 file (on Solaris systems)

will print two pages of output per one sheet of paper (in landscape mode).

enscript -2r -Plw0 -fCourier8 file

will print two pages of output per sheet of paper, with slightly larger type.

For listings of programs or other text files, what matters most is clarity; the output need not mimic what you would get from a lineprinter. Use two columns of 8-point Helvetica in portrait orientation. When that's too tiny, use two columns of 9-point Helvetica in landscape orientation. If you only need something for occasional reference, use 7 point portrait. Here is a family of aliases you might find useful:

set hv=Helvetica
# normal (portrait orientation) listings
alias lw6 "enscript -2 -T7 -f$6 -F$-Bold10"
alias lw7 "enscript -2 -T7 -f$7 -F$-Bold10"
alias lw8 "enscript -2 -T6 -f$8 -F$-Bold10"
alias lw9 "enscript -T7 -f$9 -F$-Bold9"
alias lw10 "enscript -T7 -f$10 -F$-Bold10"
# rotated (landscape mode) listings
alias lw6r "enscript -rv3 -T7 -f$6 -F$-Bold10"
alias lw7r "enscript -rv3 -T5 -f$7 -F$-Bold10"
alias lw8r "enscript -rv2 -T7 -f$8 -F$-Bold10"
alias lw9r "enscript -rv2 -T7 -f$9 -F$-Bold9"
alias lw10r "enscript -rv2 -T5 -f$10 -F$-Bold10"

The aliases for the modes mentioned above are lw8, lw9r, and lw7.

If layout matters, as when previewing or printing a PostScript file,
there is "psnup".

Note also that "pslpr" can extract a range of pages from within a
PostScript document if you don't need the whole thing.

Color Printing:

Color printing is relatively expensive and therefore most color devices are restricted to faculty and staff use.

Students may print color output on the HP Color LaserJet CP4025 (clj1) printer located in GS713, if sponsored by a faculty member.

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