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Using CS Lab PCs in GS228 & GS930


Failure to abide by the rules can result in temporary or permanent deactivation of your CS account, loss of printing privileges, or deactivation of your access card, depending on the infraction. Section leaders should notify the lab staff of offenders.

CatCard access to Labs

Your CatCard will open the doors to the GS228 and GS930 labs. Simply swipe it through the card reader and the door will open. If you have problems before 7:00 AM, after 5:30 PM, or on weekends, call the Amer-X support line at 626-9345 and ask for the "tech on call". Otherwise, send email to and we will investigate.

Note that it may take a couple of days after the beginning of the semester (or after you add a class) for your CatCard to work on the lab doors.

Navigating Lab Computers



(Note: click the following link for the email address for lab staff: .)

Other sources for help

There are many helpful web pages supplied by the department. For information about accounts, email, newsgroups, the snapshot utility on lectura, connecting to the department from home, etc., go to the department home page ( and click on Resources in the upper left quadrant of the page. There are links to Help Pages and a Knowledgebase (FAQ) that you may find helpful.  You can also use the Search link in the top right corner of most CS web pages or access the FAQ directly at

Free Microsoft and VMware software

The Computer Science Department has agreements with Microsoft and VMware that make development software available to our students at no cost.  For more information, see

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