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MySQL Database

A MySQL server is now installed on MySQL is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that is accessed using Structured Query Language (SQL). This server can be used by faculty, staff and students within the department. If you need a project area on this set up, you should use the web based group/CVS/MySQL application process available at

Once a group and database have been set up (in most cases, except when created by the system staff directly, the database/user name is the same as the group name) the database can be accessed on using the password initially sent to the applicant via email.

For example

from most CS computers running LINUX you would enter:

/usr/bin/mysql -h {server_name} -u {username} -p

where the {server_name} is
the {username} the name of both the database AND the account
the -p makes the server prompt you for your mysql password

/usr/bin/mysql -h mysql -u DUMMY3 -p
Enter password: Ross4Prez

mysql> use DUMMY3;
mysql> show tables;
mysql> create table TBL (c CHAR(20) );
mysql> show tables;
mysql> exit

MySQL documentation is available on-line from the developers at

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