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Web Maintenance

Local Help Pages

Creating a Personal Web Page
Using the CGI Server
Creating a Photo Album

Local Standards

Web Page Styling
Web Page Design Templates
Local Style Standards

Web Guides

University Style Guide
UA Web Resources
W3C Quality Tips
Web Design Group
Best Practices for Portability

On-Line Tools

HTML Validators: W3C, WDG
A web page link checker
Configured checks for the CS website
On-line HTML Tidy service


Using and Administering Contribute (PDF)
HTML 4.01 Markup Language Specification
XHTML 1.0 Extensible Markup Language
CSS 2.1 Style Sheet Specification
Apache HTTPD 2.2 Webserver Documentation
-- Server-side Includes

Internal Pages

Webmaster's Notebook
Editing Web Databases
Adding New Web Databases
Website Responsibilities
Web Advisory Committee
Lab Wiki re web pages

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