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Creating a Personal Web Page


The Department runs its own web server: Computer Science majors and alumni are eligible to have web pages hosted on the departmental server.

All webpage content must conform to the Department's Appropriate Use policy, e.g., no risqué pictures, no commercial enterprises, etc. We reserve the right to restrict attractive nuisances. If you create a site that is so good that the world beats a path to your door and our server is impacted by the load, we may ask you to move it elsewhere. Note that file space is limited to 10 MB.

Getting Started:

Your status as a CS major now includes a webpage area automatically:
URL =<username>

where <username> is your CS username.  Your web area is accessible from most departmental hosts via /cs/www/people/<username>.

A CGI account for scripts supporting your web pages is also created automatically.

In order for pages to be visible to the public, the permissions must be set to read access for others. The command for this is:

chmod o+r file.html

The directory must allow search access to others (chmod o+x). These permissions will be preset on your index.html file, but you must change them on any additional files you create.


If you would like your page added to the Computer Science Department's list of Student Web Pages, send your request to


If you'd like to make use of the department's "house style" for your web pages, see the separate instructions on Web Page Styling.


There is a huge amount of information available on the construction of web pages. See, for example, the list maintained by Yahoo. You can also find books in most bookstores. An excellent style manual is available from Yale.

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