The 40th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education
March 4-7, 2009, Chattanooga, TN USA

Floor Plans

To help you find you way from session to session during the symposium, here are floor plans of the meeting rooms at the Chattanooga Convention Center and the Chattanooga Marriott.

(If you are interested in the layout of the exhibit hall, here is an image of the Exhibit Hall Floorplan (opens in new window).

The Chattanooga Convention Center Meeting Rooms Floor Plan

The top of this image -- the front of the CCC -- is facing northwest. The curved area in the upper right is the rotunda area in which the SIGCSE birthday celebration will be held.

Clicking this image will open the CCC's page with the interactive version of the floor plan.

The Chattanooga Marriott Meeting Rooms Floor Plan

Several symposium activities will be held in rooms of the adjoining Chattanooga Marriott Hotel. Here are the plans of the relevant areas of the lobby, second, and third levels. Clicking on the plans will open the image in a new tab/window.

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