The 40th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education
March 4-7, 2009, Chattanooga, TN USA

Video Exhibition Submission Guidelines

*   Important Dates for Video Submissions   *

  Submission Deadline:   October 27, 2008
  Author Notification:   November 22, 2008
  High Quality Submission:   December 5, 2008

What Is The Channel SIGCSE Video Exhibition?

What happens each day at SIGCSE after the technical sessions are done? In the past, attendees might have undertaken mundane activities such as drinking and dining. In Chattanooga, instead of gathering in restaurants and bars to discuss the day’s technical sessions, SIGCSE attendees will be gathering in hotel rooms, ordering room service, and watching Channel SIGCSE! (It could happen.)

What will be on Channel SIGCSE you ask? You, your students, and your animations in the videos you submitted to the Channel SIGCSE video exhibition. Here’s your chance to share the dynamic material you haven’t had a good way to share - until now.

Where will people see my video? On Channel SIGCSE, of course. Channel SIGCSE will be presented on the closed-circuit video of the Chattanooga conference center and conference hotels during SIGCSE 2009 in Chattanooga. It is possible the videos will be available to attendees on DVD – we’re still working out the details.

Videos, old and new, are accepted for Channel SIGCSE exhibition. For more information on submissions, keep reading.

What Kind Of Videos Can I Submit?

We invite videos relevant to computer science education. These videos could include classroom lectures, demonstrations, or animations. The videos could be useful in today’s classroom or be of historical significance.

To be accepted, a video must be:

  • relevant to computer science educators
  • of reasonable technical quality* and running time**
  • submitted with a permission form from the copyright owner (see permission form below)

* Reasonable quality: There are many aspects of reasonable quality, and we won’t attempt to list them here; however, the panel will know reasonable quality when they see it. We’re not SIGGRAPH and this isn’t Sundance, so flaws are accepted (if not expected).

** Reasonable runtime: While the running time of a video will be a factor in the selection process, there is no hard limit for the running time of a video submission. As with any video production, you should strive for maximum impact in the least amount of time necessary.

How Do I Submit A Video For Exhibition?

  1. Create a video of interest to the SIGCSE community.
  2. Create and post a web-version of the video. Post the web-version of your video to The review panel will view your YouTube video. If the video is accepted for publication a high-quality version will be required.
  3. Select, or create, a representative image. The representative images will be used in promotion and, possibly, on the DVD of exhibition videos. The representative image is typically a frame of the video. It could be the title image, or a particularly memorable image from the video. The representative image must be included in the submission form, so you need the image before completing the submission form.
  4. Complete a video proposal submission form. The submitter will complete the submission form ( Word, Text or RTF ) and email the completed form to

Deadline: All electronic submissions must be received by October 27, 2008. Notifications will be sent by November 22, 2008.

What If My Video Is Selected For Exhibition?

All submitted videos will be panel 'reviewed'. There isn't much we can tell you about the review process except that we will notify submitters by November 22, 2008 if their video was selected for exhibition. If you submitted a video selected for exhibition, there are a few more things to do:

  1. We’ll need your permission to exhibit the video. Download and complete the permission form ( Word or PDF ). We need a signature, so mail (snail-mail) the completed and signed form to:

    Dennis Bouvier
    SIUE Computer Science
    Box 1656
    Edwardsville, IL 62026 USA

  2. Send us the high-quality version of the video. Email, snail-mail or send a link; whatever works for you will work for us.

Deadlines: High-quality video must be submitted by December 5, 2008. All permission forms must be postmarked by December 5, 2008. SIGCSE is not responsible for permission forms lost in the mail.

Can I Propose A Video That I Didn’t Create?

No, you must be the rights-owner of the submission to complete the permission form and therefore submit a video to the exhibition. But, you can encourage the rights owner to make the submission.

Questions? Please contact:

Dennis Bouvier
SIGCSE 2009 Video Exhibition

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