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Implementation Versions

The latest versions of Icon for various platforms are shown below. The suffix G indicates implementations that support Icon's graphics facilities.

Many distributions are available as either "binaries" or "packages". Binaries contain executable files. Packages may also, or only, contain source code.

Unix Implementation

Icon for Linux, BSD, Macintosh, Cygwin, etc. (G):

Microsoft Windows Implementation

Native implementation for Windows:     binaries     documentation

Java Implementation

Jcon for UNIX (G):     website     source     old packages     documentation

Historical Implementations

Acorn Archimedes 9.1 binaries package
Amiga 9.1   package
Macintosh (ProIcon) 8.0 binaries   documentation (2 MB PDF)
Macintosh / MPW 9.0 binaries package
Microsoft Windows 9.3.2 G binaries package documentation
MS-DOS 9.1 binaries package
MS-DOS/32 9.3.2 binaries
VAX/VMS 9.0 G binaries package

Some even older versions, all that we've located, can be found in the historic directory.

Icon Program Library

Library version 9.5.1 (G)         packages         roadmap


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