David J. Farber

"Farberisms" are sayings in the style of Dave Farber (whom you may have heard about with regard to Internet). Some of these are from the "master" himself. Others simply exemplify his style.

Last updated October 23, 1997

We need to rein in our horns.
A problem swept under the table occasionally comes home to roost.
From here on up, it's down hill all the way.
Don't look a charlie horse in the mouth.
He's cornered on all sides.
I don't trust him farther than you can bat an eye.
Don't talk to me with your clothes on.
Put yourself in his boat.
If that happened to me, I'd clean my ears out with a pistol.
It's a white elephant around my neck.
What can we do to shore up these problems?
I have a green thumb up to my elbow.
Let's bend a few lapels.
I'm over the hilt.
The viewpoints run from hot to cold.
Don't look for your balls in someone else's court.
We've taken our eyes off the wrong ball.
That's the way the cookie bounces.
He's sawing his limb off.
Nobody's going to put his neck out on a limb.
Now he's sweating in his own pool.
We have a difference of agreement.
I want to go into that at short length.
The sword works two ways.
Better to toil in anonymity than to have that happen.
Please come here ipso pronto.
I just pulled those out of the seat of my pants.
He's leading down the path to the chicken coup.
I'm gaining weight hand over fist.
I'll fight him hand and nail.
Don't roll up your nostrils at me.
It's wrought with problems.
It's your ball of wax, you unravel it.
Let them fry in their socks.
I'm not a lily-livered sea horse.
It's the vilest smell I ever heard.
It goes in one era and out the other.
It's a lot of passed water under the bridge.
Just remember, this too will come to pass.
Eventually, I want it now.
You're bonking up the wrong tree.
My socks are all bent out of shape.
It's a monkey wrench in your ointment.
He's being pruned for the job.
One doesn't swallow the whole cake at the first sitting.
Let's not cook the goose until it's hatched.
People in glass houses shouldn't call the kettle black.
Familiarity breed strange bed linen.
They're cooking on all cylinders.
We can dig ourselves out of this hole.
It's like the flood of the Hesperis.
It hit the epitome of it.
My mind slipped into another cog.
That would throw a monkey wrench into their ointment.
I'm going to feel it out by the ear.
He's taking the bark off the wrong tree.
He waxed incensive.
I just got my car fixed and it's runnin' like a dime.
Clean up your own can of worms!
We just have to take the grit in our teeth and do it.
It's enough to curl your socks.
Be careful not to throw out the bath water with the baby.
We're biting the foot the feeds us.
He's got a tough axe to hoe.
Don't rattle the cage that feeds you.
Fade out in a blaze of glory.
When in doubt, tread on oily water.
That may cool some socks.
They've reached a new level of lowness.
Take this time line with a large grain of salt.
He's taking his half out of our middle.
He's a little clog in a big wheel.
Float off into several individual conferees.
I've been bitten by the hand that feeds me.
Those guys are as independent as hogs on ice.
Don't bite the hand that stabs you in the back.
I'm going to resolve it by ear.
You can't get more out of a turnip than you put in.
Shoot it up the flag pole.
It's just another coffin nail driven into the morality of the United States.
If I'm going to suffer, I might as well suffer in comfort.
I've got to get my ass together.
Don't look a gift horse in the pocketbook.
I don't want to put all my monkeys in one barrel.
It is better to have tried and failed than never to have failed at all.
Hindsight is 50-50.
I'm smarting at the seams.
Keep the water as firm as possible until a fellow has his feet on the ground.
I won't do it if it's the last thing I do!
Omens are made to be broken.
He came in on my own volition.
His foot is in his mouth up to his ear.
I had to throw some feathers on the troubled water.
It's bouncing like a greased pig.
That's when I first opened an eyelash.
They're arriving like flies.
As a token of my unfliching love ... .
They keep petering in.
They don't stand a tea bag's chance in hell.
I'm your frontface in this matter.
Why put off today what you can do tomorrow?
That's a camel's eye strained through a gnat's tooth.
We know a lot more than we're not telling.
Mother's a little slow around the gills.
You're barking up a tree with no branches.
It's a future idea of the past.
I'd like to put another foot into the pot.
It's sloppy mismanagement.
It was a maelstrom around his neck.
I'm as happy as a pig in a blanket.
They've dumped you in the briar patch and told you to sink or swim.
Conceptual things are in the eye of the beholder.
An enigma is only as good as it's bottom line.
Let's all corrugate over here to view the artist's contraception of our new building.
That was a mere peanut in the bucket.
Sometimes I don't have both sails in the water.
One pig must be the guinea.
Let's skin another can of worms.
It rolls off like a boulder on a duck's back.
If the shoe fits, lie in it.
It's been ubiquitously absent.
That took the edge off the pumpkin.
I'm talking up a dead alley.
Give him enough rope and he will run away with it.
Fry him by his bootstraps.
Does he think he walks on water any differently than anyone else?
Don't lead them down the garden path and cut them off at the knees.
He's got his intentions crossed.
She makes Raquel Welch look like Twiggy standing backwards.
This is a land-breaking case.
He's so far above me I can't reach his bootstraps.
We need to screw our noses to the grindstone.
It's not his bag of tea.
It's like trying to squeeze blood out of a stone.
All our feathers came home to roost.
I'm going to litigate it to the eyeballs.
Don't twiddle your kneecaps at me!
My marbles went over the wall.
She attracted men like flypaper.
He puts on his shirt one leg at a time like everyone else.
It has the potential to peel away a curious can of worms.
He's one of the world's greatest flamingo dancers.
Judge him by his actions, not his deeds.
People who live in ivory towers shouldn't throw glass bricks.
We'll cross that bridge after we've burned it behind us.
You really can't compare us -- our similarities are different.
It's something you're all dying to wait for.
I don't feel any older than I used to be.
That took the starch out of my sails.
Too many cooks upset the apple cart.
No Californian will walk a mile if possible.
The aggressor is on the wrong foot.
Don't throw out the bath water with the baby.
Put that in your pocket and smoke it!
That didn't amount to a hill of worms.
Half a worm is better than none.
I shot my ass in the foot.
She stepped full-face on it.
You're barking up the wrong totem pole.
It rolls off her back like a duck.
I guess I'd better get my duff on the road.
It was a heart-rendering decision.
I'm not sure it's my bag of tea.
Look before you turn the other cheek.
We're willing to throw away the baby with the bath water.
I don't want to be the pie that upset the apple cart.
Nostalgia just isn't what it used to be.
It's just a small kink in the ointment.
I came within a hair's breathe of it.
Don't talk to me while I'm interrupting.
He's just a big bullyrag.
Is he an Amazon!
I'll take it one bird at a time.
It's not an easy thing to get your teeth wet on.
I hear the handwriting on the wall.
Pandora's cat is out of the bag.
Rome wasn't built on good intentions alone.
I have no personal bones to grind about it.
Our company is like a living orgasm.
We've got a cash cow that's turning into a dog that needs milking.
You're about as observant as a wet hen.
It's like Goliath and Gomorrah.
Her enthusiasm got carried away.
A rocky road is easier to travel than a stone wall.
Let me flame your fan.
The bloom is off the pumpkin.
I'm going right over the bend.
They'll carve that spectrum any way we desire it.
Don't pour oil on muddy water.
You saw right through my transparency.
He grates me the wrong way.
Let's shoot holes at it.
Don't put all your chickens in one basket.
I did it sitting flat on my back.
I have ears like a hawk.
He won't last. He's just a flash in the pants.
That really throws a monkey into their wrench.
You bet your bottom bootie I don't!
I don't want to open up a red herring here.
They are just prostituting the ills of the world.
I'm walking on cloud nine.
I wouldn't take him on a ten foot pole.
Run it up the flag pole and see if it salutes.
It flows like water over the stream.
If I've told you a hundred times, I've told you twice.
99% of this game is half mental.
I'm as happy as a clam in a fritter.
He's as deaf as a bat.
Any night in a storm.
I'm bored out of my tree.
Today's forecast is for wildly scattered showers.
He's out of his shallow.
Good riddance aforethought.
If I could drop dead right now, I'd be the happiest man alive.
Don't put all your ducks in one basket.
There are no easy bullets.
Try thinking outside the egg carton for a change.
I'm up to my earballs in confusion.
The grocer's son always has shoes.
It runs the full width of the totem pole.
We'll have to sandwich everything we do under this one umbrella.
I don't toe to any cow.
He's a shirking violet.
Don't jump off the gun.
Let's not reinvent a dead horse.
He has a marvelous way of extruding you.
Don't count your fleas before they find dogs.
That's worse than running chalk up and down your back.
They run across the gamut.
I'm as happy as cheese at high tide.
It went over like a thud.
My off-the-head reaction is negative.
Make hash while time flies.
Those words were very carefully weasled.
She's steel wool and a yard wide.
I wouldn't give it to a wet dog.
The future is not what it used to be.
I case my ground very well before I jump into it.
A shoe in time saves nine.
All the hills of beans in China don't matter.
You're barking down the wrong well.
It has more punch to the unch.
I'm not much for tooting my own galoot.
This ivory tower we're living in is a glass house.
Clean up or fly right.
Hold on real quick.
Beggars can't look a gift horse in the mouth.
He got up on his high heels.
There's no point in spilling milk on a barn door that has hatched.
It's like trying to light a fire under a lead camel.
He should be gracious for small favors.
It's as flat as a door knob.
That's a kettle of different fish.
Let sleeping uncertainties lie.
There's a wart in the ointment.
Fish or get off the pot!
Boy, he sure gandered her.
It's milk under the dam.
That's a whole different ball of wax.
At the end of every pot of gold, there's a rainbow.
It goes out one ear and in the other.
No sooner said, the better.
I'm keeping me ear to the grindstone.
Go fly your little red wagon somewhere else.
Dig yourself a hole and bury it.
Erase that indelibly from your memory.
He's as loony as a fruitcake.
He was walking along with his head in the sand.
Everyone has a monkey on their back; you just have to spank your monkey.
Our backs are up the wall.
He's as happy as a stuffed pig.
It's the Achilles' heel of the Trojan Horse.
I'm close to the edge of my rope.
To write a really good letter of recommendation, use all the best expletives.
That just muddles the water.
I'm up a wrong alley.
I've worked my shins to the bone.
Don't make a molehill out of a can of beans.
I need to get on my Little Red Riding Horse.
He has the character of navel lint.
Give him a project to get his teeth wet on.
Any storm in a port.
Put the onus on the other foot.
Do not fumble with a woman's logic.
Don't bite the hand of the goose that lays the golden eggs.
The project is going down the toilet in flames.
I run to my own drummer.
Roll out the Ouija ball.
My impasse hit a roadblock.
It always looks the worst after the water is under the bridge.
I need to rein in my horns.
If you see loose strings that have to be tied down that are not nailed up, see me about it.
It got left out in the lurch.
I've got a real beef to grind with that guy.
He hit the nose right on the head.
I'm not going to get side tracked onto a tangent.
He was left out on the lurch.
I'll stay away from that like a 10-foot pole.
The groundwork is thoroughly broken.
I have a rot-gut feeling about that.
Hey, let's not go off half-crocked.
Don't do anything I wouldn't do standing up in a hammock.
A chain is only as strong as its missing link.
Let's not open the skeleton in that closet.
That's no sweat off my back.
He popped out of nowhere like a jack-in-the-bean-box.
I've got a card in my hole.
Trying to get a doctor on Wednesday is like trying to shoot a horse on Sunday.
There's going to be hell and high water to pay.
It's a sight for sore ears.
It's like harnessing a hare to a tortoise.
There aren't any worms in his backyard.
I'm going to cast my rocks to the wind.
I was really impressed by the mask of Two Ton Carmen.
It's a hot issue that dried up.
Man cannot eat by bread alone.
That's the other end of the coin.
There's a dark cloud on every rainbow's horizon.
I sit corrected.
The atmosphere militates against a solution.
What could help might work in retrospect.
He's paying through the neck.
The ball is in our lap.
There hasn't been much of a peep about it.
He's the pineapple of my eye.
Mind your own petard!
We didn't know which facts were incorrect.
They don't like to dictate themselves to the problem.
He was a living legend while he was alive.
I know what we have to do to get our feet off the ground.
Don't just stand there like a sitting duck.
Sometimes you can learn a lot by watching.
He smokes like a fish.
I'm out of my bloomin' loon.
Indiscretion is the better part of valor.
One man's curiosity is another man's Pandora's box.
His feet have come home to roost.
Let's not drag out dead ghosts.
She had an aurora of goodness about her.
French-fried hairballs!
I must stop beating my head against a dead horse.
She has eyes like two holes in a burnt blanket.
Never the twixt should change.
It's a mare's nest in sheep's clothing.
I'll let it circulate around to my post-frontal lobes.
The yard arm is in your court.
Don't push the flap on the envelope.
I'll descend on them to the bone.
Don't upset the apple sauce.
The pipeline has ramped up.
They're be chick peas in every pot.
Don't hang you dirty linen on my caboose.
I'm as happy as a stuck pig.
Keep your ear peeled!
I have my oars in too many boats.
He's a fruit-ball.
In this period of time, its getting very short.
Not me, I didn't open my peep.
Don't muddle the waters.
I pulled my feet out from under my rug.
She looks like she's been dead for several years, lately.
He's feathering his own empire.
If you can't do it at all, don't do it well.
To sweeten the pie, I'll add some cash.
There's some noise afoot about the problem.
He keeps his ear to the vine.
A buck in the hand is worth two on the books.
He's procrastinating like a bandit.
I's as finished as I'm going to take.
They should goose up their technical support.
It's no chip off my clock.
Nobody marches with the same drummer.
We shoot ourselves in the wrong feet sometimes.
That's a two-edged circle.
Don't look a dead horse in the mouth.
A two-pawn approach is necessary.
We have all passed a lot of water since then.
Three hands make for lighter work.
I want quality, not quantity, but lots of it.
Now the laugh is on the other foot!
Somebody's flubbing his dub.
I need to get my ass on.
He bought his own limb and crawled out on it.
That's a bird of a different color.
This office requires a president who will work right up to the hilt.
You are never going to fail unless you try.
He's reached the crescent of his success.
There's no point in grasping at straws when you're barking up the wrong tree.
It's the screws of progress.
My head is closing in on me.
You can just take your hand basket to hell!
Why procrastinate now when you can wait until tomorrow?
He pulled himself up on top of his own bootstraps.
It's all water under the dam.
My ebb is running low.
Uneasy sits the head ... .
They were made up to the gills.
I've got to put my duff to the grindstone.
Don't look a mixed bag in the mouth.
It's going to knock his socks right off his kneecaps.
It's a catch 20-20.
Like the shoemaker's children, we have computers running out of our ears.
It scared him off his pants.
It might have been a figment of my illusion.
I'm listening with baited ears.
A stitch in time saves oil on troubled waters.
He's got the guts to be courageous.
It's a fluid thing that can swing on a dime.
We're up to our armpits in frozen alligators.
We have some outstanding gray areas.
It's the straw that broke the ice.
He's working like a banshee.
I can't get a straight thought in edgewise.
Have we been cast a strange eye at?
Let a sleeping dog call the kettle black.
That's the way the old ball game bounces.
I have people crawling out of my ears.
We got the story post hoc.
I've got the fort nailed down.
Cheapness doesn't come free.
He disappeared from nowhere.
Boy, is that decapitated.
Don't stick your oar in muddy waters.
When in Rome, do as the Romans do: stay away from the place.
It's a fiat accompli.
We'd better jump under the bandwagon before the train leaves the station.
A bachelor's life is no life for a single man.
This is a farbarbarism!
My foot is going out of its mind.
Don't pull a panic button.
I'm the top dog lion.
No one can predict the wheel of fortune as it falls.
You're treading on thin water.
You've always been the bone of human kindness.
He's salivating at the chops.
We're caught between a rock and a wet spot.
Let's look at it from the other side of the view.
I don't want to throw a wrench in the ointment.
Don't cut off your ass to spite your face.
In one nose, out the other.
He's seething at the teeth.
This will shock you nude.
It's a new high in lows.
They just want to chew the bull.
He's a splitting image of the candidate.
His eyeballs perked up.
He's stone blind.
Get the hot poop right off the vine.
Keep this under your vest.
It may seem incredulous, but it's true.
It's your turn in the apple cart.
It goes from one gamut to another.
I'm not trying to grind anybody's axes.
HE doesn't look like he has a scruple in his head.
He's a key cog in the ointment.
He's a real squash buckler.
There's a strong over current here.
I'm signing my own death knell.
You're barking up the wrong tree stump.
My ears are ringing off the wall.
They're breathing down our nose.
I'm losing pens like they were dishwater.
They fell all over their faces.
I need to get my ass together.
Any golden parachute in a storm.
She's greasing her own spoon.
Don't rattle the cage that bites you.
Let's go outside and commiserate with nature.
He reminds me of Zorba the Geek.
It's a tempest in a teacup.
This is for your FYI.
If you're waiting for Hell to freeze over, you're skating on thin ice.
That was almost half done unconsciously.
That's a measle-worded statement if I ever heard one.
Beware a horse weaving a Trojan blanket.
If you'd let me, I'd forget the shirt off my back.
That would drive him right out of his banana.
One does not want to let the government's nose under the camel.
They've got the bull by the tail now.
We don't want a neophyte we have to wet nurse.
It plunged all over the place.
I have to get my act in gear.
He's too smart for his own bootstraps.
Everything's all ruffled over.
That sure takes the steam out of the sails.
We'll burn that bridge when we get to it.
I'm wimping at the seams.
I'm ground up to a high pitch.
I guess I'm putting all my birds in one pie.
The importance of that cannot be underestimated.
Give him a square shake.
Put your knuckles to the grindstone.
I can do it with one eye tied behind me.
Let's stop beating around a dead horse and cut right to the mustard.
It's going to go up the tubes.
Nobody could fill his socks.
I'm going to blow their socks out of the water.
That makes me as mad as a wet hatter.
There's a missing gap somewhere.
Now we have some chance to cut new water.
The system got caught with its pants down.
She could charm the door knobs off the top of a temple.
That doesn't cut any weight with him.
That aspect permutes the whole situation.
I'm Pepto-bilious.
I'm up against a blind wall.
I'd as soon wipe my nose with a pot holder as get in bed with him.
Necessity is the mother of strange bed linen.
They closed the doors after the barn was stolen.
It was an infringement of my imagination.
Better sorry than safe.
I'm going right out of my bonker.
You're a sore sight for eyes.
It peaked my interest.
There's a lot of blanche here to carte.
They're like two chick peas in a pod.
It's a tough road to haul.
The eggs we put all in one basket have come home to roost.
Don't oil your feathers with troubled water.
I'm just about to lose my gourd.
I wouldn't throw a wet blanket on a cold turkey if I were you.
He's barking down the wrong tree.
It's a sight to make your eyes water.
This makes me so sore it gets my dandruff up.
Get off the stick and do something.
Sometimes fact is stranger than truth.
I'm up to my earballs in garbage.
It's the blind leading the deaf.
He's trying to get his bearing together.
They're germs in the rough.
It's not my cup of pie.
Peanut butter jelly go together hand over fist.
He's singing a little off-keel.
I can smell the finish line.
That's way down in the chicken feed.
I don't always play with a full house of cards.
It's not that kind of zero.
That's a different cup of fish.
It's under closed doors.
Screwed by my own petard, as it were.
The lights are so bright the air is opaque.
If we keep going this way, somebody is going to be left standing at the church with his pants on.
They've done that before and in the past.
He's as happy as clam chowder.
I heard it out of the corner of my ear.
You hit it right on the nail.
I was thinking out of the corner of my eye.
I had to make a split decision.
It's a small weenie in the fast-food restaurant of life.
He's spending a lot of brunt on the task.
I want to get more fire into the iron.
I don't know what else I can do ... my shoes are tied.
I'm mad enough to fry a wet hen.
It's going to fall on its ass from within.
He's off in a cloud of "hearty heigh-ho Silver".
It's the bird song of paradise.
You're eating like wildfire.
If there's no fire, don't make waves.
You should talk to her; she's a mind field of information.
He's somewhere down wind of the innuendo.
Speaking off the hand, I'd advise you to quit.
Don't open Pandora's can of worms.
He's as ugly as Godzilla the Hun.
Don't throw a monkey wrench into the apple cart.
Let me take you under my thumb.
Don't pull out the rug from under the horses in midstream.
Vision is in the eyes of the beholder.
The domestic problems are a terrible can of worms.
I'm bored stuffless.
I'd lose my screw if it wasn't on my head.
I'm in my reclining years.
All you have to do is fill in the missing blanks.
Play one excuse against another.
I'm parked somewhere in the boondoggles.
They're falling on hollow ears.
Don't morbidize me!
We are on equally unfooted ground.
It's good to get a taste of someone else's moccasins.
It caught me out of the blue.
All the lemmings are coming home to roost.
Let's talk to the horse's mouth.
Bend over backwards too far and you'll fall flat on your face.
If anything, I bend over on the backwards side.
He would forget his head if it weren't screwed up.
That's enough to make your sock explode.
The world is closing in on my head.
Things are going to a hand basket in hell.
No loaf is better than half a loaf at all.
It's your turn in the bottom of the barrel.
Go for the juggler!
He doesn't let any moss grow under him.
A look from here would melt his socks.
He's like a wine glass in a storm.
I only mentioned it to give you another side of the horse.
Don't count your chickens until the barn door is closed.
He doesn't know his hole from an ass in the ground.
To be a leader, you have to develop a spear de corps.
He's king bee.
Don't pour troubled oil into the water.
That report reads like a bleached whale.
Our product will eat the pants off the competition!
If they do it there won't be a living orgasm left.
I apologize on cringed knees.
It's an ill wind that doesn't dry someone's clothes.
It's going to bog everybody up.
Right off the top of my cuff, I don' know what to say.
He has an agenda to grind.
I've had more girls than you've got hair between your teeth.
They've got their heads squirreled upside down.
Put it in a guinea sack.
He's bailing him out of the woods.
Don't kiss a gift horse in the mouth.
I'm torn between a rock and a hard place.
It's all above and beyond board.
Your ass is going to be mud.
We might as well be hanged for an inch as for a mile.
He has his ass on the wrong end of his head.
It's the sine quo non of necessity.
The restaurants are terrible -- the town is completely indigestible.
I have the mind of a steel trap.
This business is being run by bean-pushers.
It leaks like a fish.
We'll put our mouth where our money is.
Not by the foggiest stretch of the imagination!
Don't throw feathers on oily water.
We're on the foreskin of modern technology.
I'm just about out of my bonker.
His position is not commiserate with his abilities.
Come down off your charlie horse.
Do you have your screws on right?
That's going to be the gravy on the cake!
I'm creaking at the seams.
We'd better toe the yard arm.
When the tough get going they let sleeping does lie.
His limitations are limitless.
There are two sides to every marshmallow.
I threw the tie iron in the fire.
They're dropping his course like flies.
No dust grows under her feet.
Don't let the government's nose under the camel.
It's like a raft on roller skates.
They've got everything from soup to hairballs.
My antipathy runneth over.
Don't father-hen me!
It's a fool's paradise wrapped in sheep's clothing.
Not in a pig's bladder you don't.
Don't upset the apple pie.
Don't count your high horses before they come home to roost.
Every cloud has a blue horizon.
Half the lies they tell me aren't true.
That's an unexpected surprise.
I'll give you a definite maybe.
Don't throw the baby out with the dishwasher.
A woman has no hell like a fury scorned.
I think you might have hit the nail on the button.
Let me clarify my fumbling.
He's clam bait.
He's trying to pull the buffalo over our eyes.
I'm going to read between your lines.
I can't underestimate how good he is.
I think I've lost my bonkers.
I heard it out of the corner of my eye.
It's the holy grail of naughtiness.
The autumn leaves are in full bloom.
See the forest through the trees.
It's enough to drive a bat up the wall.
Get that albatross off his back!
I'm all raveled up.
We'd be biting off a new can of worms.
Fellow alumni run thicker than water.
We have a wild card in the soup.
I reject it out of the whole cloth.
It's as easy as falling off a piece of cake.
She's trying to feather her own bush.
You can't feed old tricks to a new dog.
They don't work worth lima beans.
I'm not going to bail him out of his own juice.
He puts his pants on two legs at a time like everyone else.
That throws a monkey wrench in the soup.
He wears his finger on his sleeve.
There's nothing like stealing the barn door after the horse is gone.
If you don't want words put in your mouth, don't leave it hanging open.
He has his crutches around her throat.
They are very far and few between.
They're spreading like wild flowers.
They're over the pale.
That's a horse of a different feather.
She's got it up to her ears.
We were looking out for our own bootstraps.
Let's not hurdle into too many puddles at once.
I worked my toes to the bonenail.
Today I was singing 'Snowflakes roasting on an open file'.
He's as elusive as the abdominal snowman.
I resent the insinuendoes.
This wine came from a really great brewery.
He didn't flinch an eyelid.
It's a tour de farce.
It's a virgin field pregnant with possibilities.
There's a little life in the old shoe yet.
Don't sink the boat that lays the golden egg.
Don't criticize him for lack of inexperience.
That restaurant is so crowded no one goes there anymore.
Go ahead; I'm all ear lobes.
It's too much for it's own boots.
I'm so hungry I could eat a cannibal.
We won't turn a deaf shoulder to the problem.
We're biting ourselves in the foot.
He's been living off his laurels for years.
Have the seeds we've sown fallen on deaf ears?
The people are too nameless to number.
Just remember that, and then forget it.
That's not my sack of worms.
I owe you a great gratitude of thanks.
It's so unbelievable you wouldn't believe it.
You're barking up the wrong lamp post.
He's foot sure and fancy free.
I'm as happy as a clambake.
An ounce of prevention is better than pounding the table.
It's the other end of the kettle of fish.
I'm weighted down with baited breath.
It's like finding hen's teeth in August.
I've built enough fudge into that factor.
He has the courage of a second-story man.
That puts the onus on the other shoe.
Get off your Little red Riding Hood.
The seeds I've sown have come home to roost.
Let it slip between the cracks.
We have to read between the tea leaves.
I'm losing touch by leaps and bounds.
Let's get down to brass facts.
I have too many cooks in the pot already.
I'm the happiest little clam in the fritter.
It's no sweat off my nose.
I'm going off tangentially.
One back scratches another.
I wouldn't trust her to throw out the baby with the bath water.
The horse is stolen before the barn even gets its door closed.
I had her by the nap of the neck.
That's spilt water under the bridge.
Abandon ship, all ye who enter here.
I'm right on the edge of my rope.
That makes the hair on the back of my neck really stick in my craw.
There's laughing on the outside, paneling on the inside.
A lot of these arguments are fetious.
I've had it up to the hilt.
He's like Godzilla the Hun.
I'm too uptight for my own bootstraps.
Rolling toads gather no moss.
We need to retain our strategic disadvantage.
Don't look a gift horse in the left foot.
All my lemmings came home to roost.
They make strange bedfellows together.
Don't look for a gift in the horse's mouth.
You put all your eggs before the horse.
This mess would make Humpty Dumpty bleed.
There's some trash to be separated from the chaff.
Look at the camera and say 'bird'.
If King Tut were still alive, we'd be dead meat.
You pay through the noodle for it.
There are just too many hands to feed.
I had to scratch in the back recesses of my memory.
I'll be there in the next foreseeable future.
He's the king of queens.
I's got rats in his belfry.
I wouldn't do it for a ton of bricks.
Not on your bootstraps!
He's the kind of guy that doesn't like it when anything out of the abnormal happens.
They're very far and few between.
I had a monumental idea last night, but I didn't like it.
I can't hum a straight tune.
I'm on my last nerve with that person.
It hit me to the core.
You have to take the bitter with the sour.
Actually, I'm a day owl.
Let a dead horse rest.
Dot your t's and cross your i's.
We better cover our ass and put it on their heads.
Time and tide strike but once.
You need some hair of the chicken.
Things are getting a little sloppy around the gills.
I'm pulling something over on you.
There's one difficult apple in the barrel.
It's spearing like wildflowers!
It's a silk purse stuffed with sow's ears.
I put the onus entirely on my own shoes.
There's more than one way to swing a cat.
I want to see the play like a hole in the head.
I've been eating peanuts like they were coming out of my ears.
I think that we are making an out-and-out molehill of this issue.
I think the real crux is the matter.
If they had to stand on their own two feet, they would have gone down the drain a long time ago.
Better safe than sadistic.
I'm sitting on the edge of my ice.
Don't pull an enigma on me.
He's riding the crest of his momentum.
Don't burn your bridges until you come to them.
For a change, the foot is on the other sock.
It will take a while to ravel down.
I would imagine he chafes a bit.
They're a bunch of pushers and shavers.
It's another millstone in the millpond of life.
It goes from tippy top to tippy bottom.
He can't hack the other can of worms.
He's not breathing a muscle.
Everything is going all bananas.
Don't let the camels get their feet in the door.
It's a Byzantine thicket of quicksand.
Don't rock the boat that feeds you.
She makes Atilla the Nun look like the Virgin Mary.
He's got a rat's nest by the tail.
They've beaten the bushes to death.
He's up a creek with his paddles leaking.
I see several little worms raising their heads around the corner.
We have to understand the theoretical tenants here.
Part of the verbiage is a language thing.
History is just a repetition of the past.
That's a pretty dicament.
It's a mute point.
I have other cats to fry.
It looks like it's going to go on ad infinitum for a while.
I'll fight to the nail.
That's a sight for deaf ears.
It's an abomination in sheep's clothing.
I haven't bitten off an easy nut.
I did it from start to scratch.
Don't cast a gander upon the water.
They sure dipsied his doodle.
He's lying through his britches.
The customer is always right-handed.
The fruits of our labors are about to be felt.
The meaning of the phrase should be clear after some medication.
If they do that, they'll be committing suicide for the rest of their lives.
Don't cast doubts on troubled waters.
Hair balls of the world, unite!
We all have to die some day, if we live long enough.
And I take the blunt of it!
I'm getting my revenge back.
I wouldn't take it for granite, if I were you.
Too many cooks call the kettle black.
Good grace is in the eye of the beholder.
That old witch gave me the eagle eye.
It will spurn a lot of furious action.
That would pry the socks off a dead cat.
Those are good practices to avoid.
I can't remember, but it's right on the tip of my head.
Everything is ipso facto.
It's hanging out like a sore tongue.
They're breathing down my door.
We don't want to get enhangled in that either.
Take advantage of the carpe diem.
Let's play the other side of the coin.
That's the whole kettle of fish in a nutshell.
The grass is always greener when you can't see the forest for the trees.
Tread lightly on the face of the void.
It's not really hide nor hair.
I have feedback on both sides of the coin.
Drop the other foot, for Christ's sake!
He's running off at the seams.
We're teetering on the edge of the brink.
Between these words, fathoms have been said.
He might be barking at a red herring.
The up-kick of all that will be nothing.
In the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed horse is king.
He wants to get his nose wet in several areas.
There are too many cooks and not enough Indians.
It's more than the mind can boggle.
He's lost his noodles.
Let me transition away.
That job is at the bottom of the rung.
Don't disgruntle my feathers.
The hand is on the wall.
I'm tired from being exhausted.
We snarled our teeth.
That's a whole new ball park.
Being able to roll with the punches comes with the territory.
That's getting to the crotch of the matter.
I can remember everything -- I have a pornographic mind.
In one mouth and out the other.
Abandon ship all you who enter here!
Watch her -- she gets on the stick very quickly.
She's masquerading under false pretenses.
It's like a knife through hot butter.
I'll see it when I believe it.
Let's not get ahead of the bandwagon.
To coin a cliche, let's have at them.
He behaves louder than words.
I'll hit him right between the teeth.
There's a rotten apple in every barrel.
There's only so many times you can beat a dead horse.
Would you please cast a jaundiced gander at this?
I only read it in snips and snabs.
I'm going to put a little variety in your spice of life.
Let's roll up our elbows and get to work.
I wouldn't give you a pound of belly-button lint for that.
Get on with the bandwagon, or get out of the pot.
He's running around like a head with its chicken cut off.
Let them hang in their own juice.
The initiative is on the wrong foot.
I thought I'd fall out of my gourd.
Never judge a book by its contents.
Heads will fry over this.
He has the attention span of a fig newton.
There must be a Godzilla of those things in there!
This town is too big for both of us.
Necessity is a mother.
That'll fry the socks off your feet.
Friends don't let friends drive them to drink.
More and more people are asking for fewer and fewer pieces of the pie.
Anybody who marries her would stand out like a sore thumb.
It's like pulling hen's teeth.
He couldn't see his way out of a paper bag.
It's like talking to a needle in a haystack.
In one follicle, out the other.
I don't feel like the sharpest button on the beach today.
We're going to where we're going.
I'll keep my nose peeled.
He got taken right through the nose.
He rules with an iron thumb.
It sounds like roses to my ears.
That really took the steam out of their sails.
Never accept an out-of-state sanity check.
It dates back to the Holy Roller Empire.
Better never than late.
I don't want to cast a pall on the water.
He may be the greatest piece of cheese that ever walked down the plank.
Give him an inch and he'll screw you.
There's a war in my ointment.
Strike while the cat is hot.
I wouldn't want to be sitting in his shoes.
I see the carrot at the end of the tunnel.
Too many chiefs spoil the soup.
Don't pour oil on troubled feathers.
It's music to your eyes.
I need to find out where his head is coming from.
He's an incremental creep.
We're scraping the bottom of the iceberg.
Don't jump on a ship that's going down in flames.
Let him try this in his own petard!
The next time I take you anywhere, I'm leaving you at home.
My train of thought went out to lunch.
Medicate on it.
I don't know which dagger to clothe it in.
Feather your den with somebody else's nest.
My head is twice its size.
A lot of things are going to be bywashed.
I was working my balls to the bone.
It gets grained into you.
Cut bait and talk turkey.
I got you by the nap of your neck.
He's too clever for his own bananas.
Pick them up from their bootstraps.
He's as loony as a jay bird.
He was running around like a person with his chicken cut off.
I'd better get my horse on it's ass.
My gourd is up a tree.
He was hoisted by a skyhook on his own petard!
I listen with a very critical eye.
It was nothing. You planted the seed and I ran with it.
I have an open mind — like a sieve.
You're blowing it all out of context.
It's crumbling at the seams.
I was treading on silk gloves.
I have post-naval drip.
He out-positioned me.
They just want to shoot the fat.
This befalls on all of us.
I'm casting the dye on the face of the water.
Do it now, before the worm turns.
You're skating on thin eggs.
It's about as satisfactory as falling off a log.
If you want to be heard, go directly to the horse's ear.
We're treading on new water.
He was a living legend when he was still alive.
Pour midnight oil on troubled waters.
Were you by yourself or alone?
He didn't even bat an eyebrow.
For all intensive purposes, the act is over.
They kicked the tar out of our ass.
She had a missed conception.
We have achieved a wide specter of support.
I wouldn't marry her with a twenty-foot pole.
All the lemmings are going home to roost.
He's the best programmer east of the Mason-Dixon line.
I'm throwing those ideas to you off the top of my hat.
She was sitting there with an insidious look on her face.
I'm running around like a one-armed paper bandit.
That'll rattle your socks.
We need an escape goat.
You have to bite the bullet, take the bull by the horns and make him face the music.
They don't see eye for eye with us.
I'm being raped over the coals.
It's an off-the-cheek comment.
He kicked the nail right in the head.
Somebody is going to have to take a forefront here.
He's going to fall flat on his feet.
I accept it with both barrels.
I'm tickled green.
She'll fight it tooth and toenail.
I'm burning my bridges out from under me!
The town is a simmering powder keg.
The faculty has cast a jaundiced eye upon the waters.
Look up that word in your catharsis!
I'm willing to throw my two cents into the fire.
Let's throw some feathers on the oily water.
I'm ready to go when the bell opens.
There's a lot of credibility in that gap!
It's a hairy can of worms.
She can stew in her own rhubarb.
I have to put my knuckles to the grindstone.
My mind went blank and I had to wait until the dust cleared.
He flipped his cork.
Pictures speak louder than words.
It's burned to shreds.
It's better to be a big fish than a little pond.
I could tell you stories that would curdle your hair.
He's running from gamut to gamut.
I never liked you and I always will.
There are more feathers here than there are marbles in a candy store.
Don't Chicken-Little me!
It went through the palm of my shoe.
Half a loaf is better than two in the bush.
I'm waiting for her to get enough resultage.
Let's get our signals crossed before the meeting.
That's a project of a different horse.
They descended on me like a hoar of locust.
I know those woods like the back of my head.
I sloughed it under the rug.
That's a matter for sore eyes.
I can meet your objections.
Don't cut off the limb you've got your neck strung out on.
They're working their bones off.
Don't throw ruffled feathers on troubled water.
He's being shifted from shuttle to cock.
It's as dry as dish water.
He needs to get blown out of his water.
We worked at a meticulous pace.
Don't discombonbulate the apple cart.
I've got applicants up to the ears.
We're biting our foot to spite our nose.
I contributed to the charity of my cause.
Shit or cut bait.
He's tossing symbols around like a percussionist in a John Philip Sousa band.
Let's grab the initiative by the horns.
He's a nut-cake.
They wrecked havoc in the kitchen.
I'm not my keeper's brother.
Old habits die young.
Are there any problems we haven't beat out to death?
He's as fruity as a loon.
He's crazier than Jude's fruitcake.
They're eating out of our laps.
We pulled the cork on Pandora's Box.
I'm so proud of myself I could pop a hissy.
He's a young peeksqueek.
You can lead a pig to pearls, but you can't make a sow's ear drink.
They's chomping their lips at the prospect.
I was bleeding like a pig stuck in a trough.
I'm looking at it with a jaundiced ear.
I'm waiting for him to drop the other foot.
I'm as happy as a clam in pig broth.
I won't cow-tail to anyone.
I'd like to strike while the inclination is hot.
A little hindsight is forethought.
Their attitude is to let lying dogs sleep.
They rolled their eyebrows at me.
In this vein I will throw out another item for Pandoras' box.
The fervor is so deep you can taste it.
Each day I never cease to be amazed.
We are paying for the sins of serenity.
If you listen in the right tone of voice, you'll hear what I mean.
I need to glue my nose to the grind stone.
It's about 15 feet as the eye flies.
Getting him to do anything is like pulling hen's teeth.
They're colder than blue blazes.
Please don't leave me out with the wolves to dry!
Don't blow a hissie.
I'm a mere fragment of my imagination.
They went after him tooth and fang.
The ball is in the other person's lap.
I don't care if the rain don't shine.
I don't want to violate anyone's toenails.
Jesus died to save our sins.
He's as crazy as a fruitcake.
It was an unintentional accident.
Let's raise our horizons.
They laid their guts on the line.
She'll whine bloody murder.
Let sleeping dogs bite the hand that feeds them.
I'd better jack up my bootstraps and get going.
You're opening a complete can of Pandora's worms there.
There's less money in the pie than there used to be.
There's always a rotten monkey in every barrel.
He's screw-loose and fancy free.
He rammed it down their ears.
Don't push the envelope over the edge of the cliff.
It's the greatest thing since fired whiskey.
It's a fine-feathered kettle of fish.
I don't want to stick my hand in the mouth that's feeding me.
He faded out of anonymity.
No moss grows on his stone.
Don't put all you irons on the fire in one pot.
Don't look a Trojan horse in the mouth.
I'm within a hairshirt of being done.
I come to you on bended bootstrap.
He puts his heads on one neck at a time.
He's got so much zap he can barely twitch.
There's more than one way to lick a cat.
He's guilty of obfuscation of justice.
This thing kills me to the bone.
I'm losing my gourd.
Don't through midnight candles on oily water.
I'm just a cog in the wheel.
He faked a bluff.
Just use your own excretion.
You're going to have fun whether you like it or not.
You're scraping the top of the barrel.
Anything he wants is a friend of mine.
That's the straw that broke the camel's hump.
Pledge now and join the list of growing members.
Don't buy a greased pig in a poke.
He's the last straw on the camel's back to be called.
After that, we'll break our gums on the computer.
He threw an extra wrench into the pot.
I'm going to take my vendetta out on them.
He and his group are two different people.
He was hoisted by his own canard.
You get more for your mileage that way.
We're overpaying him, but he's worth it.
Well, it's no skin off my teeth.
He has his foot in the pie.
There was danger lurking under the tip of an iceberg.
Those guys weld a lot of power.
There is some milk of contention between us.
You can't clothe a sow's ear in a silk gown.
If you want to get your jollies off, watch this!
Don't bury your bridges before you cross them.
Sometimes you've just got to grab the cow by the tail and face the music.
When you're jumping on sacred cows, you've got to watch your step.
Its coming down like buckets outside.
If you're sick, you'd better not come in. I don't want you to start an academic.
Let he who casts the first stone cast it in concrete.
I'm not going to beat a dead horse to death.
Who needs mental health when you can have Prozac?
Too many drinks spoil the broth.
It's a hairy banana.
They're coming farther between.
If you ask him he could wax very quickly on that subject.
I'm pissed out of my bootstraps.
We have to make sure we're all swimming on the same page.
That's water under the dam.
I need to get my high horse in gear.
They're moving as fast as molasses wheels.
Today was like the day Rome was built in; we can't afford to have any fiddlers.
It's raining like a bandit.
There's a flaw in the ointment.
Don't put all your flamingos in one basket.
I'm deathly curious.
Take care of two stones with one bird.
You take the chicken and run with me.
I'd rather be tight than right.
Don't strike any bells while the fire is hot.
It's a mare's nest of rat nests.
He's running around like a chicken with his ass cut off.
He has feet of molasses.
They also wait who only stand and stare.
He's got a lot of fires to burn.
I have to get my guts up.
I don't have any monkey wrenches in my closet.
A sock in time saves none.
It's perfect, but it will have to do.
I'll be there with spades one.
Make hay while the apple is ripe.
That puts the icing on the kibosh.
Don't look a door knocker in the nose.
People who live in glass houses should be the last ones to throw the first stone.
All good things come to pass.
We're cooking on all cylinders.
We have a real messy ball of wax.
I'm going to clean your cake!
He's like sheep in a bullpen.
A nickel ain't worth a dime anymore.
Don't rock the boat that launched the cat.
I haven't gotten the knack down yet.
Don't throw out the baby with the sheep dip.
This is a magnitude of the first water.
There's a lot of bad blood in the water between those two.
Godzilla, the Hun.
I'm just a hog loose in the woodwork.
The egg is cracked and there's no way to scramble it.
Cast an eyeball over troubled waters.
Don't make a tempest out of a teapot.
I'm as happy as a pig at high tide.
I don't like the feel of this ball of wax.
He's restoring order to chaos.
I'm soaked to the teeth.
Don't worry, I've got an ace up my hole.
We've been eating our hump for a long time.
He doesn't know A from Z.
Let me say a word before I throw in the reins.
He takes to water like a duck takes to tarmac.
If the sock fits, wear it.
They're grasping for needles.
Don't kill the gander that laid the golden egg.
Thanks giving is early this year because the first Thursday fell on a Monday.
He's running around like a bull with his head cut off.
That opens up a whole other kettle of songs.
He screwed himself into a corner.
They run like flies when he comes near.
It's an ill wind that doesn't blow somebody.
Your socks are toast!
He's getting pretty down in the tooth.
I'm not sure we're all speaking from the same sheet of music.
A penny saved is worth two in the bush.
It's a slap in the chaps.
Row, row, row your boat, gently down the drain.
She's melting out punishment.
They locked the door after the house was stolen.
Have we gone too fast too far?
That was the pan he was flashed in.
Don't bite the gift horse.
They are straining at nits.
He doesn't have the brains God gave a goose egg.
Not all the irons in the fire will bear fruit or even come home to roost.
Necessity is the invention of strange bedfellows.
It's an old hat and a yard wide.
It's one more cog in the wheel.
I'm flapping at the gills.
Put it on the back burner and let it simper.
Heads are rolling in the aisles.
We got another thing out of it that I want to heave in.
It's a home of contention.
The foot that rocks the cradle is usually in the mouth.
My chicken house has come home to roost.
Don't let the skeletons out of the bushes.
He's got bells in his batfry.
Don't cast an eyeball on the face of the water.
Sex is an aphrodisiac.
He's on the back of the pecking order.
It's enough to make you want to rot your socks.
I'm all puckered down.
We've got our necks strung out.
I'm wound up like a cork.
Everything is mutually intertangled.
You've got to get the bull by the teeth.
Trying to do anything is like a tour de force.
We can clean ourselves right up to date.
The meeting was a first-class riot squad.
This program has many weaknesses, but its strongest weakness remains to be seen.
He has a mind like a steel hinge.
Is there any place we can pull a chink out of the log jam?
Lay a bugaboo to rest.
I only hope your every wish is desired.
I'll reek the benefits.
Misery loves strange bedfellows.
Don't look a sawhorse in the mouth.
Let's solve two problems with one bird.
You ninney-wit!
She's got her ass up a tree.
I'm as healthy as a stuck pig.
Deep water runs in strange ways.
That's the whole kit and caboose.
I'll buckle my nose down.
It's a pot of crock.
I heard it out of the corner of my eyes.
Every rainbow has a silver lining.
I have my neck hung out on an open line.
It's like baiting a dead fish.
Let's blow out all the stops.
We've been sold up stream.
His self-esteem doesn't hold water.
It's a caterpillar in pig's clothing.
Keep your nose to the plow.
She's a virgin who has never been defoliated.
That really burns my craw!
If the harmonica fits, wear it.
When crunch comes to shove ...
I've gone over the bend.
Let's pour some holy water on the troubled feathers.
Women don't change their spots.
You're barking your shins on the wrong tree.
The sock is fried now.
There are enough cooks in the pot already.
If the onus fits, wear it.
I like the cut of your giblets.
Have it prepared under my signature.
No moss grows under Charlie's rock.
His head's too big for his britches.
I'm walking on thin water.
Run your socks up the flag pole to see if anyone salutes them.
I should have stood in bed.
It's no skin off my stiff upper lip.
He was stark raving nude.
In the last year, you've turned around 150%.
Somebody pushed the panic nerve.
That went through my mind and right out the other nostril.
There are too many people in the soup.
Before they made him they broke the mold.
He's in over his head up to his ass.
That was the corker in the bottle.
The idea did cross my head.
I want to embark upon your qualms.
I'm in transit on that point.
We're boggled down.
I'm working my blood up into a fervor.
I'm not going to stand for this lying down.
He's as fruity as a loon cake.
He said it thumb in cheek.
Don't count your Easter eggs before they hatch.
Just cool your horses.
I rushed around like a chicken out of my head.
I want to get to know them on a face-to-name basis.
Well, darn my socks!
One stitch in nine saves time.
Let's put out a smeller.
Too many hands spoil the soap.
Your wild oats have come home to roost.
That fills a lot of gray areas.
I'm going to pass it on to my predecessor.
I'm going to plant a seed in her ear.
We need to offset the gaps in our product line.
I'm having a hard time getting my handles around that one.
I'm going to hide my nook in a cranny.
That took the steam out of my sails.
He drinks like a sieve.
He doesn't know his ass from his rear end.
That's a ball of another wax.
I speak only with olive branches dripping from the corners of my mouth.
He choked on his own craw.
My stomach gets all knotted up in rocks.
He's completely lost his gourd.
Let's kill two dogs with one bone.
I'm going to put my horn in.
If the shoe fits, put it in your mouth.
The left foot doesn't know what shoe it's in.
Don't count your chickens before the barn door is closed.
Deep water runs still.
We sure pulled the wool over his socks.
It's a road of hard knocks.
I'm in for the count.
That's just putting the gravy on the cake.
You can make a prima donna sing, but you can't make her dance.
My fuse is running out.
He's a real jerk-wad.
He's in a class by himself with maybe three or four others.
It's an idea whose future is past.
We threw everything in the kitchen sink at them.
I'm just about to the end of my bee's wax.
The skeleton is there; you just have to sharpen it and put the decorations on the tree.
You sure take the prize cake.
I'm going to take my venom out on you.
Hold your cool!
I'm a victim of extraneous circumstances.
He's fruitier than a nut cake.
He's worse than Godzilla the Hun.
My tail feathers have dry rot.
Necessity is the mother of strange bedfellows.
You gotta strike while the shoe is hot or the iron may be on the other foot.
We haven't found a smoking baton.
That's just cutting your throat to spite your face.
He was hung by his own bootstraps.
The wishbone's connected to the kneebone.
I think I've committed a fore paw.
This is a case if the pot calling the fruitcake black.
Screw the bastards, full speed ahead!
It's dressing on the cake.
A lot of water has gone over the bridge since then.
Don't put all your ducks in one barrel.
It might break the straw that holds the camel's back.
He's so ego-testicle.
Half a brain is better than no loaf at all.
Another day, a different dollar.
That's like the pot calling the cattle black.
You can't judge a book by its contents.
Have more discretion in the face of valor.
You gotta walk with your pants on.
It floated right to the bottom.
No rocks grow on Charlie.
The early worm catches the fish.
Gee, it must have fallen into one of my cracks.
He's capable of playing every button on his clarinet.
He's as crazy as a bloody loon!
He was screwed by his own petard.
I'm basking in his shadow.
I may not be the brightest light in...the...light drawer!
Keep your eyes geared to the situation.
It's time to pour on the midnight oil.
He's become the real vocal point on this.
You can blow it up and down.
Let him be rent from limb to limb.
Dig a hole and bury it.
You have sowed a festering cow pie of suspicion.
He's breathing down my throat.
There's a lot of bull in the china shop.
Gore no ox before its time.
If you can't stand the heat, get out of the chicken.
I read the sign, but it went in one ear and out the other.
I won't kick a gift horse in the mouth.
Don't throw the dog's blanket over the horse's nose.
There's a vortex swimming around out there.
Keep your nose to the mark.
He pulled out all the punches.
Go fry a kite!
He's fuming at the seams.
You're not going to get anymore until you've eaten what you've already eaten.
I'd like to intersperse a comment.
We're out of hear shot.
Pour sand on troubled waters.
Don't cash in your chips until the shill is down.
It's all in knowing when to let a dead horse die.
There is no surefool way of proceeding.
To all intensive purposes, the cause is lost.
Don't rock the status quo.
Not in a pig's bladder you don't!
Sounds like we're swimming an uphill battle.
We've ported it to every platform under the world.
You have your oar up the wrong tree.
That's money we'll save right off the top of the hat.
That curdles my toes.
Necessity is the mother of reality.
Hindsight is better than a foot in the mouth.
He's a wolf in sheep's underwear.
It's got all the bugs and whistles.
That really burns my goat!
He has an utter lack of disregard.
Let's get out flamingos in a row.
He's faster than a weeping alligator.
I'm going to throw myself into the teeth of the gamut.
If you can't read minds, don't.
Don't look a gift horse in the face.
We'll overlook things from top to bottom and bottom to top.
That really uprooted the apple cart.
A stitch in time wastes nine.
We brought this can of worms into the open.
It's like a greased pig in a wet blanket.
When they go downstairs, you can hear neither hide nor hair of them.
An avalanche is nipping at their heels.
I worked my bone to a nubbin.
We're just going to ad-hoc our way through it.
Not in a cocked hat, you don't!
That problem is getting pushed into the horizon.
He's three socks to the wind.
He has a very weak indigestion.
He was putrified with fright.
Any excuse in a storm.
It sure hits the people between the head.
Our deal fell through the boards.
Don't get your eye out of joint.
Together again for the first time.
Beware a Trojan bearing a horse.
Let him fry in his own juice.
Strange bedfellows flock together.
A stop-gap measure is better than no gap at all.
He's got his tail in really deep.
We're getting down to bare tacks.
It's not all peaches and gravy.
I'm going to down-peddle that aspect.
To hell with your hand basket!
No problem is so formidable that you can't just walk away from it.
This field of research is so virginal that no human eye has set foot on it.
I gave him a lot of rope and he took it, hook, line, and sinker.
You've overgrown your welcome.
I don't want to throw another monkey at the wrench right now.
He's a fart off the old block.
That's obviously a very different cup of fish.
I'd have been bent out of shape like spades.
They'll dazzle you out of your socks.
There's no two ways around it.
I don't want to start hurdling profanity.
A squeaky wheel gathers no moss.
She's madder than a wet hornet.
Don't eat with your mouth full.
It looks real enough to be artificial.
I thought I'd have an aneurism.
I have reasonably zero desire to do it.
Never feed a hungry dog an empty loaf of bread.
We have a wide range of broad-gauge people.
There's no point in crying over skim milk.
He has a wool of steel.
We definitely don't want to nail ourselves into a corner.
It's the greatest little seaport in town.
I'm not the brightest bean in the hole.
There's no place in the bowl for another spoon to stir the broth.
It cuts like a hot knife through solid rock.
I'll procrastinate when I get around to it.
Prices are dropping like flies.
He's faster than the naked eye.
A lot of people my ages are dead at the present time.
I'm going to have an apocalyptic fit.
I'm going to scatter them like chaff before the wind.
If you're going to break a chicken, you have to scramble a few eggs.
They're from out neck of the family.
It's not completely an unblessed advantage.
People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw cow pies.
It sticks like sixty.
We have to fill the gaff.
He has his pot in too many pies.
It's always better to be safe than have your neck out on a limb.
Don't count your chick peas until they hatch.
He's running around with his chicken cut off.
We're dislodging some inertia.
She's flying off the deep end.
Let me throw a monkey into the wrench.
I'm just a worm in the ointment.
You're preoccupying the bathroom.
I'm impressed out of my gourd.
We're up to our earballs in garbage.
I think I've lost my gourd.
He knows which side of his bread his goose is buttered on.
A carpenter's son doesn't have shoes.
It's a hiatus on the face of the void.
We groove in the same ballpark.
To the cook goes the broth!
He doesn't have the brain to rub two nickels together.
He gave me a blanket check.
It's within the pall of reason.
Hands were made before feet.
He was guilty of statuary rape.
Let's kick the bucket with a certain amount of daintiness.
We can throw a lot of muscle into the pot.
It's a travesty on the face of the void.
It needs a bad case of washing.
The onus is on the other foot.
Don't sweep your dirty laundry under the rug.
His credentials are too many to mention.
Judas Proust!
She hit the nail on the nose.
I was distracted beyond all recognition.
I'm going to scream right out of my gourd.
She's too goody-bunny-shoes for me.
Never screw a gift-horse in the mouth.
I'd kill a dog to bite that man.
It's a travesty to the human spirit.
He's a real slime-burger.
It's the first inauguration of their idea.
My impatience is running out.
That plant looks cyanotic.
We haven't begun to scratch the tip of the iceberg.
I don't want to rock the boat whose hand is in the cradle.
It's a lot like recumbent DNA.
Let's strike the fire before the iron gets hot.
He's a wolf in sheep's underware.
He's shot in the ass with himself.
I put all my marbles in one basket.
He's so mad he is spitting wooden nickels.
He's a child progeny.
He deserves a well-rounded hand of applause.
There is one niche in his armor.
We need to get over organized.
He's going to go up like tinder smoke.
It was oozing right out of the lurches.
We have a real ball of wax to unravel.
I'm a little woozy around the gills.
If you want something bad enough, you have to pay the price.
He has his priorities screwed on right.
My steam is wearing down.
I transgressed from the subject.
Men, women, and children first!
If you're going to break eggs, you have to make an omelette.
He's got bees in his belfry.
I really took the bull by the hands.
I'll sue their pants on backwards.
I've milked that dead end for all it's worth.
Don't rattle the boat.
That puts me up a worse creek.
If the shoe is on the other foot, wear it.
Things are all up in a heaval.
I'm stone cold sane.
It happened for the last two hours, including yesterday.
It's the highest of the lows.
He won't last as long as a crow flies.
I won't hang my laurels on it.
That solves two stones with one bird.
He's a bulldog in a china shop.
As long as somebody let the cat out of the bag, we might as well spell it correctly.
It's more than magnificent — it's mediocre.
Let's wreck havoc!
Don't cast any dispersions.
It fills a well-needed gap.
There is a prolifery of new ideas.
I guess that muddled the waters.
It's just a matter of sweeping the rug under the carpet.
He just sat there like a bump on a wart.
The gremlins have gone off to roost on someone else's canard.
I'm just about to spring a gasket.
It was really amazing to see the spectra of people there.
He's foot sore and fancy free.
If Calvin Coolidge were alive today, he'd turn over in his grave.
I want to see him get a good hands-on feel.
There will be fangs flying.
How old is your 2-year old?
It's as predictable as cherry pie.
He's as batty as a fruitcake.
Those are not the smartest cookies under the Christmas tree.
It puts feathers under my wings.
We opened a big ball of worms.
The early bird will find his can of worms.
That's pushing a dead horse.
Nobody is going to give you the world in a saucer.
The whole thing is a hairy potpourri.
They're dying off like fleas.
I'm woefully glad you're here.
A hand in the bush is worth two anywhere else.
I need to pick up my head and dust it off.
I'm as happy as a pig in clam broth.
It's hot off the vine.
He knows which side his pocketbook is buttered on.
Things keep falling out of it, three or four years at a time.
No crumbs gather under his feet.
I only hear half of what I believe.
That will sooth your savage brow.
The sink is shipping.
I'm beat up around the gills.
It's time to take off our gloves and talk from the heart.
You're too big for your ass.
They're atrophying on the vine.
I feel like hell and high water.
I said it beneath my breath.
That's a different jar of worms.
You can't make a silk cow out of a sow.
They are unscrupulously honest.
I was held up about an hour casting feathers on oily water.
He went out in a poof of glory.
I'm as happy as a fried clam.
I'm creaming off the top of my head.
He'll get his neck in hot water.
She'll show up if she cares which side her ass is buttered on.
He tried to sweep the skeleton under the rug.
Does it joggle any bells?
Just cut a thin slither of it.
We're off in a cloud of hooves.
If you can't stand the heat, get off the car hood.
That's the whole ball of snakes.
Don't leave the nest that feeds you.
Things have slowed down to a terrible halt.
I'm standing over your shoulder.
He has his neck out on a limb.
I'll bet there's one guy out in the woodwork.
I wouldn't touch that with a glass parrot.
Put every marble in its socket.
He's sweating like a stuck pig.
You can't make a sow's ear out of a silk purse.
I'll feather my own mare's nest, thank you!
Gander your eye at that!
The onus of responsibility lies on his shoulders.
The die has been cast on the face of the waters.
It makes my chops drool.
I'd like to feel you up about taking on the job.
Put it on the back of the stove and let it simper.
If you can't imitate him, don't copy him.
I flew it by ear.
He's biting the shaft and getting the short end of the problem.
Someone took the steam out of my sails.
I never put on a pair of shoes until I've worn then five years.
I smell a needle in the haystack.
He's got four sheets in the wind.
Don't talk with your mouth open.
It's a tough nut to hoe.
I had to throw in the white flag.
Your irons in the fire are coming home to roost.
We're dragging out dead skeletons.
You just sawed yourself right off my tree.
Don't count your marbles before they hatch.
It was deja vu all over again.
There's more than one way to skin an egg without letting the goose out of the bag.
This is an exercise in fertility.
I don't give a Ricardo's Montalban what you think.
That's the wart that sank the camel's back.
Don't rattle the cage that rocks the cradle.
We can't get through the forest for the trees.
They are pushing us into a panic that does not exist.
The analogy is a deeply superficial one.
He's sinking to new heights.
Right off the top of my hand, I'd say no.
Put your mouth where your money is.
I'm quaking in my oats.
Not over my dead body, you don't!
He's as quick as an eyelash.
It drove me to no wits end.
If not us, when?
It costs a Jewish princess's ransom.
There're not enough daisies on the chain.
It's a typical case of alligator mouth and hummingbird ass.
A squeaking hinge gathers no moss.
You're barking your shins up the wrong tree.
I'll lend you a jaundiced ear.
May I inveigle on you?
I looked at it with some askance.
His little red wagon came home to roost.
We sure pulled the wool over their socks.
Picasso wasn't born in a day.
Two thoughts but with a single mind.
I have other pigs to fry.
He's splitting up at the seams.
That would have been right up Harry's meat.
It's a useful ace in the pocket.
The screws of progress grind fine.
By the time we unlock the bandages, he will have gone down the drain.
Let me feast your ears.
My mind is a vacuum of information.
He doesn't know which side his head is buttered on.
I want half a cake and eat it too.
We have the whole gambit to select from.
We got on board at ground zero.
Someone is going to be left in the church with his pants on.
Make haste while the snow falls.
I could count it on the fingers of one thumb.
Let's not drag any more dead herrings across the garden path.
They were hunkering for a shut out.
That's a tough nut to carry on your back.
When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and jump off.
He's as happy as a pig at high tide.
I gave him a real mouthful.
He had the eyes of a bat.
This is a really tough wretchimen.
Straighten up or fly right.
Do it now; don't dingle-dally over it.
I've got other socks to fry.
He is as dishonest as the day is long.
A dog under any other coat is still a dog.
Dishwater is duller than he is.
A verbal contract isn't worth the paper it's printed on.
Any kneecap of yours is a friend of mine.
We're revisiting deja vu.
It' not an easy thing to get your teeth around.
I'm going to take a hiatus.
I'm willing to listen to the other side of the coin.
Put that in your teapot and smoke it!
You can't break an egg without making an omelette.
It causes my goose to bump.
He's downstream from upstage.
They sucked all the cream off the crop.
I'm collapsing around the seams.
It's time for me to get my high-horse on.
Is he gay or an omnivore?
Nothing is good enough for our customers.
This work was the understatement of the year.
I'm as happy as a clam in pig's broth.
There are a lot of areas for efficiency reduction.
I'll take any warm body in a storm.
It's like asking a man to stop eating in the middle of a starvation diet.
He'll grease any palm that will pat his ass.
He has a good mind, if only we could light a fire under it.
This bit of casting oil on troubled feathers is more than I can take.
He opened up that can of worms, let him swim in them.
It's a mecca of people.
I think he's gone over the bend.
He's within eyeshot of shore.
It's a white herring.
She's got a bee in her bonnet and just won't let it go.
The Albatross of Damocles is hanging over your neck.
Boulder dash!
It's a terrible crutch to bear.
He has a dire need, actually it's half-dire, but he thinks it's double-dire.
The circuit breaker just kicked in.
I'll take a few pegs out of his sails.
Somebody should have waved a flag louder than they did.
It's not my Diet of Worms.
He has a brain for a rhubarb.
It's the old Paul Revere bit . . . one if by two and two if by one.
He reads memos with a fine tooth comb.
That's their apple cart, let them choke on it.
Take it with a block of salt.
Where there's smoke, there're mirrors.
This game is a punctuation point.
We're trying very hard to maintain the high road.
It's as dry as mud.
I march to a different kettle of fish.
This manure must be stopped dead in its tracks.
He's a lion in a den of Daniels.
The ideas sprang full-blown from the hydra's heads.
We'll see what comes down the tubes.
Put all your money where your marbles are.
Each of us sleazes by at our own pace.
I may not always be right, but I'm never wrong.
I enjoy his smiling continence.
We don't want to stick our necks out and get our asses chopped off.
Just because it's there, you don't have to mount it.
Sometimes things just gag me the wrong way.
Don't jump off the handle.
That'll blow the socks off the cat.
My laurels have come home to roost.
Don't feed the hand that bites you.
He's trying to domestify you.
We don't want to go at it like a wild bull in Chinatown.
I'm sweating like a greased pig.
I have the self-discipline of a mouse.
It's not the only bowl of fish in the ocean.
Step up to the plate and fish or cut bait.
He's a clod of the first water.
That sure muddles the water.
I'd avoid him like sixty.
I'll be ready just in case a windfall comes down the pike.
That was like getting the horse before the barn.
Let's lurch into the next hour of the show.
A lot of wine has gone under the bridge since we last met.
They unspaded some real down to earth data.
I'll keep my eyes out in case I hear anything.
There were foot-high puddles.
He got his socks off on it.
We need to do it ex-post-hasto.
Stick that in your hat and smoke it!
He's doing a great job in spades.
May the wind at your back never be your own.
I wish somebody could drop the other foot.
Some bigger fish knocked on the door, wanting to be fried.
He doesn't have an ox to grind.
When I want your opinion, I'll give it to you.
My dog was pent up all day.
I'm sticking my neck out on a ledge.
There's more intelligence in this town than you can shake a stick at.
Let me see if I have my eggs on straight.
I'm scared out of my witless.
I've been burning the midnight hours.
Wait until the cows come home to roost!
He's letting ground grow under his feet.
It's right on the tip of my head.
Let's set up a straw vote and knock it down.
I just got indicted into the Hall of Fame.
Let me throw a monkey wrench in the ointment.
He's casting a red herring on the face of the water.
By a streak of coincidence, it really happened.
Stick that in your peace pipe and smoke it.
Those people have no bones to grind.
He's sharp as a whip.
Just say whatever pops into your mouth.
Sounds like it's time to sever the apron string.
She's just another chick in the china shop.
It's not going to rock any apple carts.
It's the old chicken-in-the-egg problem.
That curdles the milk of human kindness.
A whole hog is better than no hole at all.
I keep stubbing my shins.

The picture of Dave Farber that appears at the beginning of this page was adapted from one on Dave's home page at Penn.
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