Program Visualization

The Icon variant described here — MT Icon — fell into disrepair and was ultimately removed from the Icon source code; so this page is mainly of historical interest.

Program visualization, sometimes called software visualization, is the visual representation of progam activity during execution. It attempts to make use of the immense capability of the human visual system to make such activity comprehensible.

Icon has been used extensively as both a target for program visualization and as a tool for building program visualization software.



Memory Monitoring
Student Projects

Lecture Outlines

The following pages are from lecture notes for a course in program visualization given in spring of 1997.

Memory Monitoring
MT Icon
Instrumentation for Program Monitoring
Monitoring Configurations
Event Monitoring
Monitor Terminology
Event Codes and Values
Monitor Support
Artificial Events
Controlling Program Monitors
Preprocessing versus MT Icon Monitors

Other Material

The Icon Analyst also has articles on program visualization. VRML worlds from three-dimensional visualization of storage allocation can be viewed in an on-line supplement to the Analyst.
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