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Downloading the MPD Programming Language

An MPD program runs on one or more networked Unix machines of the same architecture. True multiprocessing is provided on SPARC Solaris; it is simulated on other platforms.

MPD has been tested on SPARC Solaris and 32-bit X86 Linux, and includes configurations from SR for many other systems. MPD does not run on 64-bit X64/AMD64 Linux.

MPD is distributed as source code in a 600KB gzipped tar file. The implementation consists of a compiler that translates MPD to C, a linker that serves as a front-end to ld, and associated other programs and library files.

The latest version of MPD is version 1.0.1, packaged January 20, 2004.

Download MPD 1.0.1.

To build, first unpack the tar file to create an MPD source directory:

gunzip <mpd.1.0.1.tgz | tar xf -
Then enter the newly created mpd.1.0.1 directory and follow these installation instructions.

Build problems under Debian Linux?

If you're seeing yytext_ptr undeclared, edit mpd/Makefile and change
lex tokens.l
flex -l tokens.l

If you're seeing operator_names undeclared, edit mpd/elabels.awk and change
s = substr(s,0,index(s," ")-1)
s = substr(s,1,index(s," ")-1)

Last updated February 11, 2005

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