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Barker, Aldred F. An Introduction to the Study of Textile Design, Methuen & Co., 1903, 282 pages.

Barker, Aldred F. Textiles, Constable & Co., 1910, 395 pages.

Bell, T. F. Jacquard Weaving and Designing, Longmans, Green, and Co., 1895, 340 pages.

Bradbury, Fred. Jacquard Mechanism and Harness Mounting, F. King & Sons, Ltd., 1912, 355 pages.

Brown, Alexander. The Construction of the Power Loom and the Art of Weaving, Mathew, ca. 1890, 77 pages.

Chittick, James and E. A. Posselt. A Glossary of Silk Terms, Including a Short History of Silk, its Origin, Culture and Manufacture, Cheney Brothers, 1915, 57 pages.

Donat, Franz. Bindungslehre, Decomposition und Calculation für Schaftweberei, Hartleben's, ca. 1895, 181 pages.

Donat, Franz. Der färbige Gewebemusterung, Hartleben's, 1907, 140 pages. Note: Some plates are missing.

Donat, Franz. Large Book of Textile Patterns, Hartelben, ca. 1895, 339 pages. Note: Made from xerographic copy.

Donat, Franz. Technologie der Jacquard-Weberei, Hartleben's, 1902, 132 pages.

Finsterbusch, Robert. Die mechanische Weberei und die Fabrikation der Kunst- und Figurendreher, Verlag von Anton Send, 1890, 270 pages.

Fressinet, B. Atlas D'Armures Textiles, no date, 183 pages. Note: 21 pages are missing.

Frickinger, Johann Michael. Weber-Bild-Buch, 1767. 116 pages.

Hooper, Luther. Weaving with Small Appliances, Book I: The Weaving Board, Pitman & Sons, 1922, 93 pages.

Kirschbaum, Johann Michael. Neus Weberbild- und Musterbusch, 1771, 98 pages.

de Lantsheere, L. Carlier. Trésor de L'Art Dentellier, Libraire Nationale D'Art et D'Histoire, 1922, 352 pages. Note: Original is oversized; reduced to 90% to fit on standard paper.

Murphy, John. A Treatise on the Art of Weaving, Blackie & Son, 1842, 550 pages.

Posselt, E. A. Dictionary of Weaves, Part 1, The Textile Publishing Co., ca. 1914, 113 pages.

Posselt, E. A. Fabric Analysis, E. A. Posselt, ca. 1915, 142 pages.

Posselt, E. A. Narrow Woven Fabrics, E. A. Posselt, ca. 1917, 239 pages.

Posselt, E. A. Technology of Textile Design, E. A. Posselt, ca. 1890, 327 pages.

Posselt, E. A. Textile Calculations, E. A. Posselt, ca. 1895, 172 pages.

Posselt, E. A. The Jacquard Machine, E. A. Posselt, 1888, 142 pages.

Posselt, E. A. The Structure of Fibres, Fabrics, and Yarns, E. A. Posselt, 1891, 390 pages. Note: Two volumes in one.

Todd, Mattie Phipps. Hand-Loom Weaving, Rand McNally, 1902, 80 pages.

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