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Godey's Lady's Book and Magazine

Macrame, ---. Godey's Lady's Book and Magazine, Vol. 96 (February 1878), 1 page. Posted December 12, 2003. CD (HWDA07). SAMPLE PAGE. File size 740 KB PDF

Scribner's Monthly

Macrame Lace, Cook, Clarence. Scribner's Monthly, Vol. 15 (1878), 5 pages. Posted December 26, 2003. CD (HWDA07). SAMPLE PAGE. File size 2.4 MB PDF

Woman's World

Macramé Lace, ---. Woman's World, Vol. 3 (1890), 5 pages. Posted October 24, 2003. CD (HWDA07). SAMPLE PAGE. File size 1 MB PDF


---. The Imperial Macramé Lace Book, Barbour Flax Spinning Company, 1878, 66 pages. Posted March 17, 2007. SAMPLE PAGE. File size 2.4 MB PDF

Brignardello, G. B. I Merletti del Circondario di Chiavari - [Lace in the Area of Chiavari], September 1873, 59 pages. Note: reproduced from very large PDF. Posted April 24, 2008. SAMPLE PAGE. File size 4.1 MB PDF

Dillmont, Thérèse de. Macramé, DMC Library, 49 pages. Posted December 13, 2008. SAMPLE PAGE. REVIEW. File size 12.0 MB PDF


---. Cord Knotting or Macrame, U.S. Army, 1980, 8 pages. Posted August 20, 2002. SAMPLE PAGE. File size 940 KB PDF

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