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Digital Archive of Documents Related to Tartans

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Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th ed.

Tartan, ---. Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th ed., 1911, 1 page. Posted June 23, 2003. SAMPLE PAGE. File size 528 KB PDF

New International Encyclopedia

Tartan, ---. New International Encyclopedia, 1922, 1 page. Posted February 17, 2004. SAMPLE PAGE. File size 408 PDF


The Scottish Tartan Plaids, Atwater, Mary M. Weaver, Vol. 1 No. 4 (October 1936), 5 pages. Note: PDF provided by Judith Combs. Posted September 2, 2006. SAMPLE PAGE. File size 424 KB PDF


Black, Mary E. The Sett and Weaving of Tartans, Lily Mills, 1959, 48 pages. Note: Copyright expired. Posted February 20, 2001. CD (HWDA11). SAMPLE PAGE. File size 1.6 MB PDF

Douglas, Harriet C. Scotch Tartan Sets, Shuttle-Craft Guild, 1949, 16 pages. Note: Digital format provided by Nancy M. McKenna. Posted December 11, 2002. SAMPLE PAGE. File size 308 KB PDF



Tidball, Harriet. The Weaver's Book of Scottish Tartans Portfolio, Shuttle Craft, 1962, 9 pages. Note: Accompaniment to Shuttle Craft Monograph 5. Posted September 17, 2000. SAMPLE PAGE. File size 2.7 MB PDF

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