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I do lots of co-curricular stuff. For some reason God has been kind enough to have given me multiple talents. Not sure if its a boon or a bane. I even call it an attention seeking disorder since I love being on stage all the time. Anyway here are a few.

I play Guitar and Violin, mostly western classical, hindi and malayalam songs. Some of my public performances with my earlier bands can be found here and  here. Violin I have a 2005 model , and guitar, I usually play lead and rhythm on a Fender Stratocaster (though I have been considering switching to a Paul Reed Smith).

I am a registered magician with the Society of American Magicians.Some of my magic performances can be found at my youtube channel mentioned below.

I also do theatre. I specialize in slapstick/satire. I started off with the Mime club of my undergrad alma mater BITS Pilani. Later I was part of Manch, (or The Lord Chameberlain's Men , as it is known these days) a professional theatre group based out of Hyderabad, India. Some of my theatre performances can be seen here , here and here.  
I usually upload most of my stage performances to my Youtube channel. Do subscribe. Lol.

Oh I almost forgot. Am an avid trivia buff . I won the OHT in 2005 (with my friend Jayendran) a prestigious national quiz competition of my under grad alma mater BITS Pilani. I was a national champion in 2005 for the AITI quiz which was telecast on a national TV. I was invited for a dinner by the then President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam at Rastrapathi Bhavan (White House of India). I used to head the quiz club (called iqcircle) for 5 years in my previous organization (infosys). I have been a very active member of Bangalore quiz club (KQA) and Hyderabad Quiz Club (KCircle). I also regularly participate in WQC (world quizzing championships) a quiz event conducted world wide. As of March 2017, I am part of the trivia team "I got this" based out of Phoenix, AZ, trying to maintain our position in the leader board of Arizona trivia League

I am also a polyglot . Right now I speak 10 languages in varying proficiency. I am a level 5 (Native or Bilingual Proficiency) in Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, a level 4 (Professional Working Proficiency) in Telugu , a level 2 (Limited Working Proficiency ) in Marathi and a level 1 (Elementary) in French, German and Spanish.

I also write. Mostly satire. My blog can be found here.

I am a brown belt in Shotokan and used to spar at the Yokahama Karate Dojo in Bangalore. In Tucson I have sparred with the Krav Maga club. I did a little Judo stint at the Ojukan Judo club and have also tried my stint at Kung Fu. (Personally I think there is no such thing as the "best martial art". I feel picking the best qualities from various dojos is the best way to be a holistic fighter. imho). Update: as of Nov 2018, I have taken a break from Martial arts due to an injury.

I also play badminton (I won the 2019 smashcat doubles tournament-D in Tucson Feb 2019). I train/play at the arizona badminton center in phoenix and also with the University of Arizona's badminton club. I also like to play pool, do bowling, ski and swim when I get a chance.

I am also a passionate photographer. I started photography long before digital cameras existed. So I have spent a lot of time in the dark rooms and with the old analog olympus cameras of the by gone era. I used to head the photography club of bits pilani circa 2000-2005. You can find some of my clicks at my 500px profile.

Finally I must mention about the love of my life (now that she is scratching me with her paws and threatening me). Meet my girlfriend, callista. The shelter told me that she is a labrador+pitbull mix. So not sure what exact breed she is, but she definitely has a satan+loki+imp mix in her. You can find more pictures of her at her, now famous, instagram page