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Department Overview

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Arizona emphasizes high quality research and instruction in an atmosphere where undergraduate as well as graduate students benefit from the department's research programs.

The Department of Computer Science has offered masters and doctoral degrees since its founding in 1973. Our undergraduate degree program was added in 1989. The department currently has 16 graduate faculty, 3 senior lecturers, 2 academic advisors, 6 technical and scientific support staff, and 3 administrative staff. The graduate program has approximately 30 students in the MS program and 30 in the Ph.D. program. The undergraduate program has approximately 300 majors and 700 pre-majors.

The department has a long and distinguished reputation of excellence in the areas of systems, software, databases, and theory. The most recent National Research Council rankings place the department 16th among public Ph.D.-granting institutions nationwide. It is ranked the best computer science department of its size (15-20 faculty) among publicly funded universities, is ranked first in number of citations of papers per faculty member, and is ranked 17th overall in publications per faculty.

The main offices of the Computer Science Department are located on the ninth floor of the Gould-Simpson building. Additional offices are on the seventh and eighth floors, and one computer laboratory is on the ground floor.