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Joint and Adjunct Faculty

Joint Faculty

Associate professor of CS and Linguistics. Interests: Natural language processing, artificial intelligence.
Sandiway Fong
Associate Professor
Office: Douglass 311
Phone: 626-5657

Interests: 3D and stereoscopic displays, human computer interaction, virtual and augmented interactions.
Hong Hua
Associate Professor, OpSci & ECE
Office: Meinel 727
Phone: 626-8703

Interests: Computer networking, protocol design for wireless systems, media streaming, sensor networks, performance evaluation.
Marwan Krunz
Professor, ECE
Office: ECE 356H
Phone: 621-8731

Interests: Enterprise Data Management. Semantic Interoperability among Heterogeneous Data Sources. Biological Data Integration. Semantic Modeling
Data Provenance and Quality.
Sudha Ram
Professor, MIS & CS
Office: MClnd 430J
Phone: 621-2748

Interests: Optical, wireless, and sensor networks.
Srinivasa Ramasubramanian
Associate Professor, ECE
Office: ECE 3560
Phone: 621-4521

Interests: Computational biology, bioinformatics.
Carol A. Soderlund
Adjunct Professor, BIO5 & CS
Office: BIO5 337
Phone: 626-9600

Adjunct Faculty

Interests: Distributed systems, highly dependable computing.
Richard D. Schlichting
Adjunct Professor

Adjunct Instructors

William Mitchell
Adjunct Lecturer
Office: GS 830
Phone: 870-6488