PRIX is a system developed for indexing and querying XML by mapping documents and twig patterns into Prüfer sequences. PRIX software is available under an open source license. It is available free of cost for non-commercial/academic use.

For commercial use, please contact the Office of Technology Transfer at the University of Arizona. Email:, Phone: (520) 621 5000.

Release Notes

Version 1.0

This is the initial release of PRIX. Please provide us your name and email to download our software. This information would help us know about the usage of PRIX.

Your name:

Your email:

You will also find a synthetic XQuery generator developed by Hemanth Gowda when you download PRIX software. Feel free to download and use it. See LICENSE information included with it.

If you have problems downloading, please email

Installation Notes

To build, install and run PRIX, we used the following softwares. (You are welcome to try building PRIX on other operating systems.)

Softwares Available from Version tested
Berkeley DB Sleepycat Software 4.3.27-4.3.29
g++ compiler GNU GCC 3.4.4
Red Hat Linux Red Hat Inc 2.6.11

Suppose the files prix.src.tar.gz and are copied to the directory /home/user/prix. Suppose Berkeley DB be installed in /home/user/bdb. PRIX can be built and installed as follows.

-bash-3.00$ cd /home/user/prix
-bash-3.00$ gunzip prix.src.tar.gz
-bash-3.00$ tar xvf prix.src.tar
-bash-3.00$ gunzip
-bash-3.00$ tar xvf
-bash-3.00$ export PRIX_HOME=/home/user/prix
-bash-3.00$ export BDB_HOME=/home/user/bdb
-bash-3.00$ cd src
-bash-3.00$ make clean; make depend; make; make install

Instructions for running PRIX are provided in /home/user/prix/README and /home/user/prix/data/README. Turn on optimization flags when building PRIX.
In case of questions/bugs, email