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  τPSM: Temporal Persistent Stored Modules


Previous research on temporal SQL focused on data definition and data manipulation. Persistent Stored Modules (PSM), a part of SQL standard, has never been addressed in any research work on temporal SQL. We are extending SQL/PSM to realize a temporal SQL/PSM. Specifically, we are developing two time-slicing techniques for mapping the temporal SQL/PSM to semantically equivalent SQL/PSM. An empirical performance study is ongoing.


James R. Cordy (Queen's University)
Richard T. Snodgrass

Industrial Parteners
Stephen Thomas (Dataware Ventures)

Graduate Students:
Jennifer Dempsey

Previous Graduate Student:
Rui Zhang
Dengfeng Gao


msr Sequenced Stored Procedures in SQL
Microsoft Corporation unrestricted grant
August 2003 to July 2004 (R. T. Snodgrass, PI)


Richard T. Snodgrass, Dengfeng Gao, Rui Zhang, and Stephen W. Thomas, "Temporal Support for Persistent Stored Modules," in Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Database Engineering, Washington, D.C, April 2012 (pdf)

Dengfeng Gao, Supporting the Procedural Component of Query Languages over Time-Varying Data, Doctoral Dissertation, Computer Science Department, University of Arizona, April 29, 2009. (pdf)

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