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"Soaring" by Andrew Wyeth, Shelburne Museum, Shelburne Vermont, Photograph by Ken Burris


TopoVista is a software package that allows one to interactively walk (or fly) over a surface defined by a U.S. Geological Survey Digital Elevation Model (DEM). It's based on Right-triangulated Irregular Networks (Algorithmica 30, 2) by Evans, Kirkpatrick, and Townsend.

We are no longer working on TopoVista, but you are welcome to download and use the software.

Screen Shots

Crater Lake
Crater Lake
Bonneville Dam
Bonneville Dam
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
Mount Rainier
Mount Rainier

Source code

Version 4.0
October 28, 2003
topo-4.0.tar.gz (1459480 bytes) (1704890 bytes)
Version 3.0
December 16, 2000
topo-3.0.tar.gz (602440 bytes) (605844 bytes)
Version 2.0
March 28, 1999
topo-2.0.tar.gz (592486 bytes) (598036 bytes)
Version 1.0
June 30, 1997
topo.1.0.tar.gz (146867 bytes) (155282 bytes)

Project Members

This project was part of the Fault Tolerant Network research project.