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Collected here are assorted resources of interest to students and Section Leaders alike.

Lab Safety

If at any time you do not feel safe in class, section, or lab due to another's behaviour please:

  1. Leave the area immediately.
  2. Call the Police by dialing 9-1-1 to request that an officer come to the location. Inform the Police if it is a repeat occurrence.
  3. Anyone who observes what appears to be threatening behavior must report it to the Dean of Students Office and in the appropriate case file a Student Code of Conduct Complaint (see ABOR 5-403).
  4. University employees who observe what appears to be threatening behavior must also report it to their supervisor or Department Head, who should report it to the Dean.
For more information about threatening behaviour refer to U of A's official policy.

Lab-Related Information

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  3. CS Knowledgebase (FAQ)

Student Safety

Identifying At-Risk Students

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