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The SR Implementation

An SR program runs on one or more networked Unix machines of the same architecture. True multiprocessing is provided on SPARC Solaris or SGI Irix systems. Multiprocessing is simulated on X86 Linux (32-bit), Alpha Linux, Digital Unix, HP-UX, or IBM AIX. SR does not run on 64-bit X64/AMD64 Linux.

The implementation consists of a compiler that translates SR to C, a linker that serves as a front-end to ld, and associated other programs and library files. To allow additional hands-on experience, three preprocessors convert notations for CCRs, monitors, and CSP into SR code.

The latest implementation of SR is version 2.3.3, released in January, 2005.


Our FTP area is here. Source and documentation are contained in sr.tar.Z. An extended verification suite, needed only if you're going to modify the system or port it to a new architecture, is in vs.tar.Z. Installation instructions are available in PostScript or PDF form.

Here are some notes about building SR on Windows.

E-mail access

Data from the FTP area is available via electronic mail.

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