In the Haathi project we are studying the design of a secure provenance management system for documents kept on cloud storage systems. Our system supports collaboration on documents by authorized individuals, and maintains detailed provenance records of the documents. Provenance meta data allows the recovery of information about the sequence of significant events relevant to history of the documents.

Our goal is to design a system that is practical and holistic, addressing major considerations which are often discussed in isolation, including security, privacy, usability and efficiency. Our design provides a practical solution for provenance of documents co-authored via not-fully-trusted cloud systems, with support for provenance of both exposure and editing events.

More information about the project can be found here.


Supporting Grants and Contracts

  1. August 2011---August 2013, Mitigating Insider Attacks in Provenance Systems, National Science Foundation Grant CNS-1318955, $496,066, PI: Christian Collberg, co-PIs: Sudha Ram, Saumya K. Debray.
  2. October 2009---September 2013, Theoretical and Practical Approaches to Remote White-Box Security, United States--Israel Binational Science Foundation grant BSF-2008362, $90,684, PI: Amir Hertzberg (Bar Ilan University, Israel), co-PIs: Christian Collberg, Shafi Goldwasser (MIT and Weizmann Institute).