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Erman Gurses

MS Student

Office: Gould-Simpson 710


I am a master student in the Computer Science Department at the University of Arizona.

Research Interests

I am currenty working on a performance model for stencil benchmarks on GPUs.


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I worked at iCORE Labs

Research and Projects

Performance Modeling for Diamond Tiling in Jacobi Stencils (On going)

A performance model for diamond tiling on GPUs that estimates the execution time for given program parameters and GPU specifications. This work particularly focuses on one and two dimensional Jacobi stencils on GPUs using the parallel programming model Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA).

Master Thesis

Real Time Parallel Image Fusion on Mobile GPUs for Unmanned Aerial Systems: Towards Effective Source Identification of Leaks in Natural Gas Pipelines

Museum Project

The responsibility of the project was to research and develop a gesture recognition software that can detect hand and body gestures using Action Script 3.0 and GestureFX Projection System. The project was a collaboration between iCORE and Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History. A multi-user virtual environment of San Marcos River was created to provide interaction between users and objects in terms of educational purposes.

Determination of Skin State in Psoriasis using Digital Image Processing

The main goal of the project is to obtain segmented images then calculate the percentage of the lesion area on them. The percentage provides a numerical data to the dermatologists to observe the impact of the medical treatment on patients. The work was presented at Texas A&M University System 11th Annual Pathways Student Research Symposium and Eighth Annual Graduate Scholarly Works Symposium.

The Hexapod

The aim of the project is to control a hexapod using hand gestures. The next stage is to accelerate this process using GPU Computing. I was mentoring graduate and undergraduate students and helping them to reach our goals.


A mobile application allows students to stay connected with the Supplemental Instruction sessions offered by the Title V-STEM Outreach, Access, and Retention (SOAR) Program at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. This is done with several outreach and retention services both in the community and on campus, as well as a partnership with the College of Science and Engineering.

Island Watch

A mobile application in Android platform for the University Police Department to improve campus safety. It supports Android 2.3.3 and above as well as compatible with any screen resolution. It was embedded in Islander Mobile Application.