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Justin Samuel

Justin Samuel

B.S. Computer Science, University of Arizona, May 2009
GPG key: 0xDDF1F3EE
Full fingerprint:
66EF 84E2 F184 B140 712B 55A7 2B96 AB8F DDF1 F3EE


Justin Samuel is an undergraduate student in the University of Arizona's Computer Science department. His primary areas of interest are privacy and security.

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Justin Samuel created and instructed CSc 397b: "Secure Web Application Development with PHP and MySQL". [Fall 07, Fall 08]


In January 2009, Justin Samuel founded the UA Software Developers Club. The club meets weekly to allow students to share ideas/knowledge and collaborate on projects of their own outside of the classroom.

In February 2008, Justin Samuel founded the UA Computer Security Club. The club had its final meeting in December 2008. During its existence, the club met weekly to discuss and explore a wide range of security topics.