Graduate Student Resources

Giving an Academic Talk J. Shewchuk
Chalking it up: Advice to a New TA B. Reznick
Notes and Suggestions for TAs A. Bodek and P. Auchincloss
How to Have Your Abstract Rejected M-C van Leunen and R. Lipton
How to Have a Bad Career in Research/Academia D. Patterson
Networking on the Network P. Agre
How to Present a Paper in Theoretical Computer Science I. Parberry
A Guide for New Referees in Theoretical Computer Science I. Parberry
Richard Feynman on teaching
How To Do Research at the MIT AI lab
How To Be A Good Graduate Student
The Key to Writing a One-Draft Thesis by John Carlis
So Long, And Thanks for the PhD by Ronald Azuma
You and Your Research by Richard Hamming
Applying to PhD Programs in Computer Science by Harchol-Balter (CMU)

*Cartoon stolen from xkcd.

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