The Undecidables

Christian Collberg, vocals, guitar
Igor Crk, guitar, vocals
Michael Hammer, drums, vocals
Stephen Kobourov, bass guitar

The Undecidables (the Computer Science department's resident rock band) tend to embarrass themselves. Sometimes it is Collberg forgetting the lyrics and getting confused over his massive electronic setup, others it is Crk playing getting carried away, and still others it is Kobourov failing to keep up with the Collberg improvisations. Never a dull moment with the Undecidables.

Undecidables originals (mp3)

Drug of Choice
The Bitch is You
In Meiner Kuche
Seriously Breathless
I Saw an Angel
Master Plan

Undeicdables in Action

November 3 2001, Halloween Party

May 25 2002, Summer Break Party

November 2 2002, Halloween Party

October 31, 2003, Halloween Party

April 16, 2004, Belushe's

October 21, 2004, Halloween Party

October 8, 2005, The Rialto (Club Crawl)

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