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 Ralph E. Griswold

Last modified September 13, 2000

Ralph E. Griswold holds a B.S. degree in physics and M.S and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering, all from Stanford University.

He became a member of the Programming Research Department at Bell Laboratories in 1962, where he started research on symbolic computation and the design and implementation of high-level programming languages for non-numeric computation. This work led to the development of the first SNOBOL language. Subsequent work led to the SNOBOL4 programming langauge, which is still in use today.

In 1967, he was appointed head of the Programming Research and Development Department at Bell Labs, where he continued his research and also supervised groups involved in a wide range of computer science research.

In 1971, he joined the faculty of The University of Arizona as the first Professor of Computer Science. He developed the newly formed department where he was department head until 1981. In 1990 he was appointed Regents' Professor of Computer Science.

While at The University of Arizona, he continued his work on programming language design and implementation, which led to the programming languages SL5 and Icon . More recently, he has worked on program visualization and graphics programming.

In 1995, he retired to have more time for his research, programming, and graphics interests. His current work is in number theory and the computational and mathematical aspects of weaving.

Dr. Griswold is the author or co-author of seven books on programming languages, the implementation of programming languages, and programming methodology. He recently co-authored a book on graphics programming.

Department of Computer Science
The University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona

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