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Short Bio
I'm a Research Associate for the project "NETVUE: Putting Network Security on the Map: Visualizing Network Security with a Unified Map Metaphor", studying anomaly detection and vizualization in large-scale IP networks.

I'm also involved with mobile computing projects, mostly on mobile health (applications, security, usability).

Before joining the University of Arizona, I was a faculty member of the Information Systems department at the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil). I received my PhD in Computer Science at the Federal University of Pernambuco (Brazil).
  • Aug/15: Paper ' GreenMonitor: Extending battery life for continuous HR monitoring in mobile devices', co-authored with Shravan Aras, Chris Gniady and Kris Cabulong, was accepted in HealthCom 2015.
  • Aug/15: Paper ' Robust Data Mule Networks with Remote Healthcare Applications in the Amazon Region: A Fountain Code Approach ', co-authored with Mengxue Liu, Rachit Agarwal, Andrea Richa, Alon Efrat and Mauro Coutinho, was accepted in HealthCom 2015.
  • June/15: Paper "Providing adaptive smartphone interfaces targeted at elderly people: an approach that takes into account the diversity among the elderly", by: Vinicius P. Goncalves, Vania P. de Almeida Neris, Sibelius Seraphini, Teresa C. M. Dias, Gustavo Pessin, Thienne Johnson, Jo Ueyama, a collaboration with the University of Sao Paulo, will be published in the Universal Access in the Information Society journal, published by Springer.
  • April/15:UA App Designed to Help Women Quit Smoking, UA News.
  • April/15: UA Researchers Release "See Me Smoke-Free", First Mobile App Designed to Help Women Quit Smoking, Eat Well and Get Moving, Arizona Health Sciences Center (AHSC)
  • April/15: Arizonans creating, testing health apps, Arizona Sonora News.
  • Mar/15: Paper ' Analyzing the Evolution of the Internet', co-authored with Carlos Acedo, Stephen Kobourov and Sabrina Nusrat, was accepted in Eurovis 2015.
  • Mar/15: Espaco Aberto magazine: A tensao do cotidiano em estudo (The everyday tension in study)
  • Dec/14 Agencia USP news: Ferramenta computacional busca identificar emocoes humanas (computational tool to identify human emotions)
  • Dec/14 ICMC news: Criando um estressometro: ICMC investiga como as ferramentas computacionais podem combater o estresse - (on using mobile devices to fight stress)
  • December/14: Paper 'Strong Authentication Countermeasures Using Dynamic Keying for Sinkhole and Distance Spoofing Attacks in Smart Grid Networks ', co-authored with Clark Taylor, was accepted in WCNC 2015.
  • December/14: Paper 'Chains of Trust for On-Demand Requests of Electronic Health Records', co-authored with Jorge Vergara, was accepted in WCNC 2015.
  • September/14: Paper 'Healthcare Supported by Data Mule Networks in Remote Communities of the Amazon Region ', co-authored with Mauro Coutinho, Alon Efrat, Andrea Richa and Mengxue Liu, was accepted for publication by the Journal of Computer Networks and Communications.
  • September/14: Paper 'IMap: Visualizing Network Activity over Internet Maps', co-authored with J.Fowler, P. Simonetto, L. Lazos, S. Kobourov, M. Schineider and C. Aceda, was accepted in Vizsec 2014.
  • September/11/14: CS Colloquium, IMap: Visualizing Network Activity over Internet Maps .
  • About Spring/2015: I'll teach "Systems Programming for Mobile Computing" and it'll be based on the Android platform. Enrollment available soon.
  • July/14: Paper 'Network Anomaly Detection Using Autonomous System Flow Aggregates', co-authored with Loukas Lazos, was accepted in Globecom 2014. See you in Austin, Tx!
  • May/14: UA news "Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight? An App Might be the Answer"
  • Dec/13: NCI grant awarded! "Mobile Application for Guided Imagery to Address Smoking, Diet and Physical Activity".
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Dr. Thienne Johnson

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