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The Arizona Webcam

This view of the Santa Catalina Mountains looks north across the University of Arizona campus from the Computer Science offices in the Gould-Simpson building. A new image is generated once a minute.

The Recent Images page exhibits hourly images and daily time-lapse movies from the past week. The Photo Album and Video Vault display selections of older photos and movies.

06/15/2020 NOTE: Earlier we experienced a failure in the software that runs this site. We have already begun a full revamp of the software and website to keep this site going. These short comings were brought to light with the high demand on this site due to the Bighorn Fire currently in the Catalina Mountains. We have begun to post the time lapse videos of each day to YouTube for better viewing. The playlist linked below is for the current set of videos. Enjoy!

Other Cameras on Campus

Computer Science does not maintain any of the cameras below. We only provide the links.

  • Student Union webcam has been retired

The Computer Science webcam is run by the .