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DHCP Registration (Faculty/Staff only)

DHCP and MAC addresses

Access to the Computer Science network CS Main is provided through DHCP. In order to use DHCP, you first need to know your computer's MAC address.  Note that each different type of network media (e.g., wireless, wired) has a different MAC address.

Windows users can find their MAC addresses by opening a command prompt window and entering the command:

 ipconfig /all

Linux/Unix/Mac users can find their MAC addresses by opening a terminal window and issuing the command:

 ifconfig -a

DHCP registration for CS network connectivity

Faculty and staff may register multiple MAC addresses for the CS Main network (e.g, for wired and wireless access). Additionally, Faculty and staff may sponsor access for guests. MAC addresses are registered by filling out the online form at Register Computer for Network Access .

Registered MAC addresses are valid until the last day of finals of the current semester (Fall/Spring/Summer II). Expiration notices will be emailed to registrants as part of the regular account expiry process, approximately three weeks before the end of the semester (i.e., May, August, December). Registrations can be renewed, but the owner/user must certify that securitypatches and antivirus software is up-to-date.

Note: The CS Main network is for faculty and staff use. It is not available to students. The CS Main network is available via wireless and most wired ports in CSc.


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