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Appropriate Use of Instructional Machines


Instructional Machines: machines that are intended for use related directly to instruction (i.e., course work): lectura, machines in the GS228 and GS930 labs, and oxford and cambridge (remote access servers).

Instructional Use: work related directly to instruction:  course work, turnin, etc.  This does NOT include research work for faculty-sponsored projects or your own independent research (unrelated to course work).

Incidental Use: non-instructional activities that have very little impact on machine performance; e.g., text processing, tunneling SSH through lectura to access a service on another machine. Condor jobs are considered incidental use since they use spare cycles and sleep when someone is logged in at the machine.


Instructional machines are to be used for instructional and incidental use only.  Other use may result in processes being terminated.  Repeated violations may result in revocation of account privileges.



Until a few years ago, funding for instructional machines came out of the general department budget so no distinction was made between instructional and research use.  When Special Course Fees became a funding source for instructional machines, it was necessary to restrict research use on these machines.

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