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Shravan Aras

Ph.D. Student
Office: Gould-Simpson 718D [more+]

Undergraduate Institute: College of Engineering, Pune, India.
Advisor: Dr. Chris Gniady


I am second year Ph.D. student working for Dr. Chris Gniady. My primary research interests are in the field of energy conservation for smartphones and portable devices. As devices become powerful, so does their appetite for energy consumption. My current focus is on systems level research, were I investigate ways to tweak certain operating systems components, which in turn allow hardware components to run longer when on battery. Besides operating systems, I also enjoy working with networks, mainly cellular radio network interfaces.

SmartPhone Energy Optimization

I am currently involved in a project, which revolves around various ways in which to conserve smartphones. Our main focus is to develop a set of mechanisms, which are transparent to both the end-user and require no application modification. The project focuses on the Android operating system (its open source ASOP part) and in ways in which it can be optimized to use hardware in an energy aware manner.

Last modified : 10/29/2014