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2006–2007 Research Colloquia

Date Time Location Name
Thursday, 9/7/06 11:00 AM GS 906 Kobus Barnard (Computer Science Dept, U of A)
Computer Vision and Other Data Inference Problems
Thursday, 9/21/06 11:00 AM GS 906 Yi Chen, (Dept of Computer Science, Arizona State University)
Efficiently Querying Tree-structured Data
Tuesday, 10/3/06 11:00 AM GS-906 Valentin Polishchuk, (Stony Brook University)
The Snowblower Problem
Thursday, 10/5/06 11:00 AM GS 906 Richard Snodgrass, (Computer Science Dept, U of A)
Forensic Analysis of Database Tampering; Towards a Science of Computing
Thursday, 10/19/06 11:00 AM GS 906

John Kececioglu, (Computer Science Dept, U of A)
Learning Alignment Parameters by Example

Thursday, 10/26/06 11:00 AM GS 906

Cari Soderlund, (University of Arizona)

Building Physical Maps of Genomes and using them for Comparative Genomics

Thursday, 11/09/06 11:00 AM GS 906 PhD Oral Quals - Joe Fowler, Igor Crk, Vijay Nagarajan
Thursday, 11/16/06 11:00 AM GS 906

Hong Hua, (University of Arizona)
3D Visualization Techniques in Multi-scale Collaborative Augmented Virtual

Tuesday, 11/28/06 11:00 AM GS 906 Nirav Merchant, (University of Arizona)
Tracing the journey: from molecules to mankind and moths to motor vehicles,
adventures in interdisciplinary life sciences research
Thursday, 11/30/06 11:00 AM GS 906

Sandiway Fong, (University of Arizona)
Opportunities and Challenges for Linguistic Theory in Computation

Monday, 12/11/06 2:00 PM GS 906 Arnon Amir, (IBM Almaden Research Center)
Improving Accessibility to Information in Multimedia
Friday, 2/02/07 11:00 AM GS 906

Larry Peterson, (Princeton University)

GENI: Global Environment for Network Innovations

Thursday, 2/22/07 11:00 AM GS 906

Saharon Rosset Ph.D., (Data Analytics Group, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)

The Genographic Project: Introduction, Early Results and Statistical Challenges

Thursday, 3/08/07 11:00 AM GS 906

Vincent W. Freeh, PhD (North Carolina State University)

High-performance, Power-aware Computing

Tuesday, 3/20/07 11:00 AM GS 906

Wenjun Hu, (University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory)

E=mc^2: Energising wireless mesh networks with multipath code casting

Thursday, 3/22/07



GS 906

Arun Lakhotia, (Computer Science, University of Louisiana at Lafayette)

Exploiting Similarity Between Variants to Defeat Malware

Thursday, 3/29/07 11:00 AM GS 906

Amar Gupta, (Thomas R. Brown Professor of Management and Technology)

24-Hour Knowledge Factory

Friday, 4/6/07 10:45 AM GS 906

Praveen Rao, (Computer Science Department, UofA)

A Sequencing Paradigm for XML Twig Pattern Matching

Thursday, 4/12/07 11:00 AM GS 906 Chen Tian, (PhD Oral Qualifying Exam, Computer Science Dept, UofA)
Debugging and Fault Avoidance in Multi-threaded Programs
Monday, 4/30/07 1:30 PM GS 906

Shailesh Joshi, (MS Thesis Defense)

TXSchema - Support for Data- and Schema-Versioned XML Documents



11:00 AM GS 906

Yusu Wang, (Computer Science and Engineering Dept, Ohio State University)

Geometric and Topological Methods in Molecular Shape Analysis

Wednesday, 5/02/07 10:30 AM GS 701

Milind Chabbi, (MS Thesis Defense)

Efficient Taint Analysis using Multicore Machines