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Departmental Awards

Each year the Computer Science Department awards a number of students, staff, and faculty who have done notable things in the previous year. The citations may be found here.


Undergraduate & Graduate Student Awards

Galileo Circle Scholars:  Wei He, Lee Savoie, Junxiao Shi, Bijan Anjavi, Jesse Bartels, Daniel Dicken, Charlie Fractal, Eric Newberry and Savannah Perno

Outstanding Senior (Spring 2016):  Benjamin Gaska

Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award:  David Porfirio

Undergraduate Service Award:  Jesse Bartels

Undergraduate Teaching Award:  Jeremy Mowery

Graduate Student Teaching Award:  Nathan Sema

Graduate Student Research Award:  Daniel Deblasio


Graduate Student Service Award:  Shravan Aras


Staff Awards

CoSSAC UA Award of Excellence:  Chelsea Skotnicki


Faculty Awards

Galileo Circle Fellow:  Richard Snodgrass

Faculty Teaching Award:  Lester McCann

Faculty Research Award:  Saumya Debray

Faculty Research Award:  David Lowenthal

Faculty Service Award:  Saumya Debray



Undergraduate & Graduate Student Awards

Galileo Circle Scholars:  Shravan Aras, Russell Lewis, David Porfirio, Samuel Rasch, Sean Stephens, Jennifer Tran, Karyn Vo & Babak Yadegari

Norman Burton Ball Galileo Scholarship for Women in Science:  Emily Luu

Outstanding Senior (Fall):  Staci Smith

Outstanding Senior Honorable Mention (Spring):  Jimmy Fagan

Outstanding Senior Honorable Mention (Spring):  Matt Gautreau

Outstanding Senior Honorable Mention (Spring):  Christian Montoya

Outstanding Senior (Spring):  Shloka Desai

Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award:  Brian Johanesmeyer

Undergraduate Service Award:  Ian Tracey

Graduate Student Teaching Award:  Kristle Schulz

Graduate Student Research Award:  Babak Yadegari


Graduate Student Service Award:  Isabel Kishi


Staff Awards

CoSSAC UA Award of Excellence:  Bridget Radcliff


Faculty Awards

Faculty Mentor Award:  Saumya Debray

Faculty Teaching Award:  John Hartman

Faculty Research Award:  Stephen Kobourov

Faculty Research Award:  Beichuan Zhang

Faculty Service Award:  David Lowenthal

Faculty Outstanding Achievement Award:  David Lowenthal


Undergraduate & Graduate Student Awards

Excellence in Undergraduate Research & Outstanding Senior Award (Spring): Daniel Fried

Outstanding Senior Award (Fall): Zewei Jiang

Galileo Circle Scholars: Jean-Pierre Briede, Michelle Yung, Ricky Gorowsky, Robert Dreier, & Zuoming Shi

Galileo Circle Scholar & Lund-Wolfe Scholarship Award: Laura Vonessen

Outstanding Undergraduate Service Award: Katherine Maroney

Ralph Griswold Scholarship Award: Emily Leones

Graduate Student Teaching Award & Outstanding Graduate Service Award: Qiyam Tung

Excellence in Graduate Research: Aniruddha Marathe


Staff Awards

CoSSAC Star Award & UA Award for Excellence: Bridget Radcliff

CoS Staff Award for Excellence: Patricia Waters


Faculty Awards

Faculty Mentor Award: Patrick Homer

Faculty Research Award: Richard Snodgrass

Faculty Research & Teaching Awards: Stephen Kobourov

Faculty Service Award: John Hartman


Graduate Student Teaching Award: Qiyam Tung

Graduate Student Research Award: Md. Jawaherul Alam

Graduate Student Service Award: Dan DeBlasio

Outstanding Senior Award:

    Kathryn Cunningham (Fall)

    Yi Huang (Spring)

Excellence in Undergraduate Research: Ben Dicken

Galileo Circle Scholars: Ashley Mathews, Staci Smith, Md. Jawaherul Alam

CoSSAC Star Award: Christina Dentel

UA Award of Excellence: Holly Brown

CoS Staff Award for Excellence: Eneida Guerra de Lima

Faculty Impact Awards: Stephen Kobourov and Rick Snodgrass

Faculty Teaching Award: Saumya Debray

Faculty Service Award: David Lowenthal


Graduate Student Teaching Award: David Russell Lee

Graduate Student Research Award: Rui Zhang

Graduate Student Service Award: Nassim Mafi



Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award: Alex Henniges

Outstanding Senior Award:
Loren Chea (Fall)
Jonathan Nation (Spring)

Graduate Student Research Award: Barry Rountree

Graduate Teaching Assistant Award: Rui Zhang

Graduate Student Outstanding Service Award: Wesley Kerr

Staff Outstanding Service Award: Tom Lowry (Dept and COSSAC)

Faculty Impact Award: Chris Gniady

Faculty Outstanding Service Award: David Lowenthal


Undergraduate Student Outstanding Service Award:
Tasneem Kaochar (Fall)
Justin Samuel (Spring)

Faculty Teaching Award: Lester McCann

Faculty Outstanding Service Award: Saumya Debray

Staff Outstanding Service Award: Gregg Townsend (Dept and COSSAC), Rhonda Leiva (STAR)

Graduate Student Research Award: Igor Crk

Graduate Teaching Assistant Award: Jordan Marshall

Graduate Student Outstanding Service Award: Ranjini Swaminathan

Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award: Justin Samuel

Outstanding Senior Award:
Tasneem Kaochar (Fall)
Justin Samuel (Spring)


Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award: Juhani Torkkola

Student Outstanding Service Award: Drew Davidson

Outstanding Senior Award:
Andrew Winslow (Fall)
Drew Davidson (Spring)

Graduate Student Award for Service: Justin Cappos

Graduate Student Research Award: Joseph Schlecht

Graduate Teaching Assistant Award: Alex Balderrama

Staff Outstanding Service Award: Ana Rodriguez

Faculty Impact Award: Kobus Barnard

Faculty Outstanding Service Award: Greg Andrews

Faculty Teaching: John Hartman


Undergraduate Student Research Award: Ekaterina Spriggs

Student Outstanding Service Award: Scott Baker

Outstanding Senior Award: Ekaterina Spriggs (Spring 2007)

Graduate Student Research Award: Sriraman Tallam

Graduate Student Research Award: Praveen R. Rao

Graduate Teaching Assistant Award: Joe Fowler

Staff Outstanding Service Award: John Cropper

Staff Outstanding Service Award: John Luiten

Faculty Impact Award: Rajiv Gupta

Faculty Impact Award: Stephen Kobourov

Faculty Outstanding Service Award: John Hartman

Faculty Teaching Award: Saumya Debray


Outstanding Senior Award: (Fall): Jonathon Trimble

Graduate Student Research Award: Xiangyu Zhang

Faculty Impact Award: Rajiv Gupta

Faculty Teaching Award: John Hartman

Outstanding Service Award: Rick Snodgrass