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2007–2008 Research Colloquia

Unless otherwise indicated, colloquia were held at 11:00 AM in room 906 of the Gould-Simpson Building.

Tuesday, May 13:
Ernesto Brau, Computer Science Dept, University of Arizona
Camera Calibration with Virtual Alignment for a VR Environment

Thursday, May 1:
Richard Jorgensen, Dept of Plant Sciences, University of Arizona
The iPlant Collaborative: A Cyber-infrastructure-Based Community for a New Plant Biology

Thursday, April 24 (2:00 pm, GS 906):
Frank Dellaert, College of Computing, Georgia Tech
4D Cities: Past, Present, and Future

Monday, April 21 (1:00 pm, GS 701):
Fahd Al-bin-ali, Computer Science Dept, University of Arizona
Activity-Aware Computing: Modeling of Human Activity and Behavior

Tuesday, April 15:
Himabindu Pucha, Computer Science Dept, Carnegie Mellon University
Rethinking bulk data transfers for next-generation applications

Monday, April 14 (10:00 am, GS 701):
Justin Cappos, UA, Computer Science Dept
Stork: Secure Package Management for VM Environments

Thursday, April 3:
Song Jiang, Wayne State University
Effective Provisioning of Consolidated Storage Service Using Machine-Learning Techniques

Tuesday, April 1:
Radu Teodorescu, University of Illinois-UC
Helping Moore's Law: Multilayer Techniques to Address Parameter Variation

Thursday, March 27:
Kyu-Han Kim, University of Michigan
Embodying Link-Quality Awareness for QoS-Adaptive Multi-Hop Wireless...

Monday, March 24 (10:30 am, GS 701):
Xindong Wu, University of Vermont
Top-10 Algorithms in Data Mining

Thursday, March 13:
David Lowenthal, The University of Georgia
Power Management and Scalability Prediction in High-Performance Computing

Monday, March 10 (10:30 am, GS 701):
Paul Cohen, Information Sciences Institute, USC
Data Mining in Word Learning and the Internet Classroom

Thursday, March 6:
Patrick Traynor, Pennsylvania State University
Characterizing the Impact of Rigidity on the Security of Cellular Networks

Tuesday, March 4:
Angela Dalton
When Less is More: Context-Awareness in Constrained Environments

Thursday, February 28:
Iulian Neamtiu
Practical Dynamic Software Updating

Friday, February 22 (2:30 pm, GS 906):
Quanfu Fan, Computer Science
Matching Slides to Presentation Videos

Tuesday, February 19:
Rui Zhang, Computer Science
XML Document Ranking

Thursday, February 14:
Richard Jorgensen, Dept of Plant Sciences, University of Arizona
The iPlant Collaborative: A Cyberinfrastructure-Based Community for a New Plant Biology

Thursday, February 7:
Jeffrey Shallit, University of Waterloo
The Frobenius Problem and Its Generalizations

Thursday, January 31:
J. Leon Zhao, Eller Professor and Interim Head, Dept. of MIS, University of Arizona
A Predicate-based Analytical Framework for Managing Multi-faceted Business Process Changes

Tuesday, January 29:
David Eppstein
The Topology of Bendless Three-Dimensional Orthogonal Graph Drawing

Thursday, January 24:
Marek Rychlik
Lossless compression of text and image data

Thursday, January 17:
Marshall Bern
Three Applications of Circle Packing with 4-sided Gaps

Thursday, January 10:
Fabrizio Frati
Drawing Planar Graphs in Small Area

Wednesday, December 5:
Dick Klavans, UCSD
The Accuracy of Network Visualizations

Thursday, November 29:
Udi Manber, VP of Engineering, Google
Here's What I Say, Now Give Me What I Need

Tuesday, November 27:
Murray P. Cox, Arizona Research Laboratories, U of A
Towards a global demography of the human species

Tuesday, November 20:
Kyriacos Pavlou, Computer Science
Forensic Analysis of Database Tampering

Tuesday, November 13 (11:30 am, GS 906):
Joe Roback, Computer Science
Gossamer: A Threading Framework for Multicore Architectures

Tuesday, November 13:
Kevin Coogan, Computer Science
Automatic Static Unpacking of Malware Binaries

Tuesday, November 6:
Marianne Winslett, University of Illinois-UC
New Challenges in Managing Scientific Data

Tuesday, October 30:
Alfred Inselberg, Tel Aviv Univ and San Diego SuperComputing Center
Multidimensional Visualization and its Applications

Tuesday, October 23:
Radu Sion
Towards Regulatory Compliance in Data Management

Tuesday, October 2:
Srinivasan Ramasubramanian
Disjoint Multipath Routing Using Colored Trees

Monday, October 1 (4:00 pm, GS 701):
Sriraman Tallam, Computer Science
Fault Location and Avoidance in Long-Running Multithreaded Applications

Tuesday, September 4:
Kobus Barnard, Alon Efrat, Sandiway Fong, Department of Computer Science
The SLIC Video Browsing System Project description and future plans

Friday, August 31:
Joe Fowler, Department of Computer Science
Characterization of Unlabeled Level Planar Graphs with Applications to Level Planarity

Tuesday, August 7 (1:00 pm, GS 906):
Praveen Rao, PhD Candidate, Department of Computer Science
Indexing XML Data for Efficient Twig Pattern Matching