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2010–2011 Research Colloquia

Unless otherwise indicated, colloquia were held at 11:00 AM in room 906 of the Gould-Simpson Building.

Thursday, April 14 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Gil Zussman, Professor of Electrical Engineering, Columbia University
Throughput Optimization in Wireless Networks via Local Pooling

Friday, March 4 (9:30 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Nigel Davies, Building a Global Display Network, School of Computing and Communications, Lancaster University
Building a Global Display Network

Thursday, March 3 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Ramon Caceres, Lead Member of Technical Staff, AT&T Labs
Characterizing Human Mobility from Cellular Network Data

Thursday, February 24 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Deniz Sarioz, CUNY Graduate School and University Center
Bounds and Algorithms regarding Obstacle Representations of Graphs

Thursday, January 13 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Sven Dickinson, Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto
The Role of Intermediate Shape Priors in Perceptual Grouping and Image Abstraction

Friday, December 10 (2:00 pm, Gould-Simpson Building, Room 701):
Somasundaram Perianayagam, PhD Final Defense, Computer Science Department
Reproducing Software Experiments

Friday, December 10 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Dr. Joe Touch, Postel Center Director - Univ. Southern California (ISI), Research Associate Professor - USC's CS and EE/Systems Depts.
Recursive Networking

Thursday, October 28 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Martin Noellenburg, Assistant Professor, Karlsruhe University - Germany
Label Placement in Dynamic Maps

Thursday, October 14 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Eleri Cardozo, Professor, ECE (FEEC) State University of Campinas (Unicamp)
On the REALab project: Challenges and Solutions in Remote Lab Access for Distance Learning

Tuesday, October 12 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Dennis Jeffrey-Google, Software Engineer
Dynamic State Alteration Techniques for Automatically Locating Software Errors

Thursday, September 2:
Ian Fasel, Assistant Research Professor, Computer Science Department and SISTA - University of Arizona
Research on perception, action, and cognition in the CACTUS Lab (Curious Agents: Cognition, Thinking, and Understanding Systems) at the University of Arizona.

Tuesday, August 10 (2:00 pm, GS 906):
Wesley Kerr, PhD Final Defense, Computer Science Department - University of Arizona
Learning to Recognize Agent Activities and Their Intentions