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Computer Accounts and Keycards

New Accounts

Your CS account should be available within 24 hours of the start of the semester. Late registrants should receive an account within three working days after registration.

Appropriate Use Guidelines

Accounts on the Department's machines are to be used only for work on courses offered by the Department of Computer Science.

Access to Gould Simpson and CS Labs

On the first day of classes all students enrolled in CS classes will be able to use their CatCards for gaining access to the building and the computer labs.

Your access will continue 24/7 until the end of the semester.

Login Name and Password

Your CS login name (or userid, or username) will match your current UA netid. This login is used for ssh access to lectura and lab workstations. Your initial password will be sent to your address at the beginning of the semester. For this reason you must have an active account in order to receive a CS account. When you log in to lectura for the first time, you will be forced to change it to a more secure password (containing at least 6 characters, one of which must be a numeral or special character and the 6 characters should not be a word from a dictionary).  See Rules for acceptable passwords for information on choosing strong passwords.


Instructors and systems administrators will communicate with you via e-mail sent to your UA email account. You are responsible for reading email sent to that address.  See Reading Department E-mail Remotely and University and CS E-mail Accounts, Requirements and Use for more on e-mail and our Computing Information Pages for lots of other helpful information.

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