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Kobus Barnard Granted Tenure

May 8, 2008

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Assistant professor Kobus Barnard was promoted to associate professor and granted tenure. Barnard’s research interests include computer vision, machine learning, scientific applications, and multimedia data. “Kobus Barnard is an exemplar of modern computer science: he has made significant contributions to the development of computer science, and he has worked with students and faculty in other disciplines to advance their fields,” said Greg Andrews, interim department head. A faculty member since 2002, Barnard was recently awarded an NSF grant of $450,000 for five years for research, education, and outreach initiatives. Barnard is one of nine UA computer science faculty members involved in the iPlant Collaborative. He is a member of the Uncertainty Quantification Group as well as an affiliated faculty member with the Cognition and Neural Systems Program in the Department of Psychology at the University of Arizona.  Barnard received his Ph.D. from Simon Fraser University.