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Bongki Moon Wins SGER Award

September 10, 2008

Bongki Moon won a SGER award from the National Science Foundation for a project called "Flash Memory DBMS for Transactional Database Applications." The award is for $140,000 over 18 months.

Flash memory storage devices are now considered to have tremendous potential as a new storage medium that can replace magnetic disks. Flash memory, however, has its own limitations such as erase-before-update and exhibits poor performance for small-to-moderate sized writes requested in a random order. The goal of this project is to develop new flash-aware designs and optimization strategies that allow large-scale transactional database applications to run efficiently on computing platforms equipped with flash memory storage devices as a main storage medium. The findings from this project will not only overcome the limitations of flash memory but also exploit the advantages of flash memory for transactional database workloads exhibiting randomly scattered data access patterns.