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Advising Program Coordinator Receives Award

February 18, 2009


The College of Science Staff Advisory Council (CoSSAC) annually recognizes staff and appointed personnel for their professional work and contributions. Rhonda Leiva, Program Coordinator of Academic Services and Advisor, Graduate Program, is a recipient of the 2009 UA STAR award. Here is Rhonda’s nomination.

"Rhonda recently took over management of the advising group (Academic Services) in the Department of Computer Science when Pat Murray retired. Pat left very big shoes to fill, which Rhonda stepped into and indeed has been doing a wonderful job.

Rhonda was previously the graduate student advisor. She had to learn about the undergraduate program, which Pat was an advisor for, while continuing to handle graduate advising. She also had to assume management responsibilities.

In all respects, Rhonda has done a superb job. The transition has been seamless. The Academic Services group has been functioning as a thoroughly integrated team under Rhonda's leadership. Throughout this transition, Rhonda has kept in clear focus the needs of students, while also making due with fewer resources. This group remains strong and effective.

The Department of Computer Science is so thankful that Rhonda was willing to step up when Pat Murray left, to continue the wonderful resource that is Academic Services. We as faculty and the students are all very fortunate to have Rhonda at the helm."